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All Things Lemon - I Need Your Help

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I recently acquired some HOME GROWN Meyer lemons. They are yummy, with a wonderful lemon flavor but missing the "pucker" power of store bought lemons. They are also smaller and the skins are a lot "softer" too. Perhaps because they don't need to be "protected" from rough handling during packing and shipping?


Anyway, I want to preserve the juice. Anyone know how to do that? 

Also, can I dehydrate the zest and store that too?

Does anyone have any recipes for how to use these lemons? I already found one for making lemon curd that I am going to try.


Finally, does anybody want some SEEDS???

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MM, I often dry the zest for later use if the product is organic.   It can be rehydrated by soaking and it is great just dropped into a cup or pot of tea.  I've even powdered it to use it as a sort of instant flavoring.  It takes very little and remember it is ZEST which means it's going to be a bit different in taste. 


As an aside, I also dehydrate apple peels.  When they are leathery dry I put them on a cookie sheet and roast them in the oven to a deep brown color.  Once roasted I store them in air tight containers and use them to make a wonderful Roasted Apple Peel Tea.  It takes a big handful of the peel to make a cup but with the addition of a small piece of cinnamon stick it or even some of the lemon or orange zest it makes a warming drink.  


I've never canned lemon juice as I never seem to have enough at one time but like TheCG's mom I have frozen it.  I use ice cube trays to freeze a lot of my juice and broth.  Once frozen the cubes are easy to pop out, place into a bag or container, and store in the freezer.  That way I can take out just the amount I need.   Cubes are also a great 'alarm' to tell if the freezer has been off at any point and then started again as they will all be stuck together.  If there is still some shape to them I figure they weren't thawed all the way and are probably still usable.  If they are one big block then I'm more cautious. 

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They are good in sorbets and really good on fish.  They are good as the lemon juice in tabbouli.  They make the best marmalade, next to kumquats, since the pith isn't so bitter as most citrus.  The peels are great, minced or crushed, in cookies.  Cut one in half and use it to scrub at a stubborn stain on a toilet bowl someone has let get ugly.

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, mommato3boys said:

I was looking for something else but ran across this and thought I would share.


I'm surprised he didn't say anything about dehydrating them. So far I have zested and dehydrated some of the skins, refrigerated the juice, and saved the seeds. The question is, I put the seeds into the dehydrator so they wouldn't get moldy, but I wonder now if that was an okay thing to do??? :blush: (If not, I still have some that I haven't dealt with yet.)

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I'm not sure about how to save lemon seeds. I think they have a jelly-like coating similar to a tomato seed that needs to be removed before drying. 

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Lemon trees, very pretty

But impossible to .............................................grow from seed?


I have come across conflicting information about how to store/prepare seeds for planting. :blush: 

Some directions say to NOT dry the seeds, others say to dry them for a few weeks.

The only thing that everyone can agree on is that it can take up to FIFTEEN YEARS for a tree planted from seed to mature and set fruit!!! :o :( :blink:


Lemon Tree from Seed  (New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences)


Growing Lemons – How To Grow A Lemon Tree  (Gardening Know How)


How to Plant Meyer Lemon Seeds   (SF Gate)











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