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umbrellas ...no it's not raining in CO

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Anytime umbrella comes up, all I can do is think about my ex-FIL who passed about 2 Thanksgivings back.   He was a 5th generation Methodist minister and his favorite story to tell was about his pastor in TX who gave a sermon about Rain.  This guy 'had a direct line to god and when he prayed for rain it did.'  That was what everyone said.  Well they asked him to pray for rain.  He said he would and told them to be prepared.  The next week the congregation asked why it had not rained.  He told them they did not believe and were not ready for their prayers to be answered.  It went back and forth, we are! you are not!   Finally they asked why he would say that and he told them, "not a single one of you brought an umbrella."  If you are going to pray for things, be ready for your prayers to be answered.   

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Whenever I think of umbrellas I remember an episode on Billy the Exterminator. He had to remove some geese. They weren't happy. He got out an umbrella and it was pretty good protection for him. Of course he used it sideways. 


Would probably work to deter most small animals. The element of surprise especially if you open and close it fast. I laughed at him, it was funny, but I always remembered that in case of an emergency. Rogue goose or cat attack or bird. Ninja umbrella fighter. Hiii-yah!

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I'm always interested in historic info like this but I absolutely love Euphrasyne's story of faith.  I believe I will hang an antique umbrella near my desk so each day I have to remember to have faith with prayers.  :pray:  

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