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"The Kneady Homesteader" Needs Prayers

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I just happened to read where Wilhelm's Kitchen got to talk to Heather. They must have done the Zoom thing because she got to see her bionic leg. She said she even saw her wiggle her toes!   :cele:


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On 3/8/2021 at 12:16 AM, Jeepers said:

Here is a link to her play lists. Tons of really good information especially in canning and food storage in general.


The Kneady Homesteader - YouTube

 Even though I've watched her from almost the beginning and am a subscriber to her yt channel, this link is good for those who didn't know of her.  I think I first ran across her channel was when she was making jelly out of soda pop! LOL

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I’ve been a subscriber of hers for a number of years. This is just heartbreaking....and worse because it was a drunk driver. I’m going back to check and make sure I run any videos I haven’t watch before....plus give lots of likes.

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Posted (edited)

Update from Heather, "The Kneady Homesteader."



A small clip filmed by Mandy from Moore2life. This is me, learning how to walk again after being struck head on by a drunk driver. The accident killed my husband Matt instantly and seriously injured my youngest two children. It left me critically injured with a serious brain bleed, broken ribs in which one punctured my right lung, collapsing it resulting in a chest tube, two broken wrists, a crushed right leg and two broken feet. My right leg with yellow sock is non weight bearing along with two non weight bearing wrists leaving my body weight to rest on my elbows in order to walk. Air boot on my left broken foot with 9 fractures and 5 broken toes. I am working hard in order to leave the hospital and be home with my children. Recovery week 5. I am very lucky to be alive. My physical therapist and occupational therapist are walking with me along with one of the directors of the hospital where I am recovering and rehabilitating. The staff here are absolutely incredible! ❤️ I wanted to document and share with you where I am in my recovery as I walk this road. Thank you all so much for the love and support as we recover and grieve. Putting the pieces of our life back together. God bless you all.❤️




Looks like you're going to have it watch it over on YT since it won't embed it here. :(



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This is an update about the driver that crashed into The Kneady Homesteader's truck. (It is not by Heather)




Drunk Driver Kills YouTube Creator. I am reading a very important comment I got on the last video. The driver was driving drunk! The driver also has several other charges against him now. Update video. YouTube Creator killed in car accident. YouTube Creator Matt from the Kneady Homesteader was killed in a car accident in February 2021. He was instantly killed as a drunk driver struck their car. He was with his wife and two of their children. His wife was injured and is recovering in the hospital. The two children were both injured but are home now. I am so sorry this youtuber died from a drunk driver accident.



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Thanks for the update Midnightmom. It's just so sad.


I knew about him not having insurance but not about not having a drivers license. I also didn't know he had dogs with him.  I wonder if the truck even belonged to him. Such misery he has caused. 


I think this preys on a lot of peoples mind. 

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TODAYby Jake ValoczkyOrganizer

Hello everyone. As this fundraiser draws to a close I wanted to thank everyone again for their immense generosity, love and support for the Conn family has we continue to go through this still difficult time. This money will truly change Heather and her kids lives for the better after it has already been changed for the worst by this horrific incident. The healing process is slow but this generous gift you have all given Heather eases her worry of money problems so she can focus on healing.

For those wondering how everyone is doing, Heather and the kids are back home and recovering well, in fact just yesterday Heather was able to slowly walk up and down stairs! She is doing amazing in her physical recovery. Mina and Mason both had their casts and bandages removed weeks ago and are able to move freely again and play :) Everyone still has physical and mental therapy and doctors visits but every day gets a little better. The drunk driver has been charged and arrested and is currently out on bond (sadly) but he will get his day in court for what he did to us. Matt's ashes were given to us and a funeral/ceremony will be planned once Heather is healed and ready. We're moving forward one day at a time.

As for this fundraisers money, Heather Conn's attorney Eric Mead will be representing Heather has the beneficiary and will be putting the donated money into a trust for Heather to keep it safe and will be disbursing the money to Heather as needed.

Thank you all again!

Fundraiser for Eric Mead by Jake Valoczky : Help Heather Conn & her children: emergency fund (gofundme.com)




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I tried to watch her, but still for me even to soon to see that after my Dh passed. I know what she is going through and it is very hard. My :pray: are still with Heather. I didn't watch much of it before I started to tear up. 

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