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Devastation in Paintsville, KY. Is everyone here okay?

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Massive Landslide In Kentucky Takes Trucks and Equipment Into The River Below

Officials with Johnson County 911 tell WYMT recent flooding has caused a section of the embankment near the Paintsville City Garage to collapse and slide into the river below. It happened Thursday morning on River Road. A Facebook post from Johnson County Emergency Management states the slip is estimated to be between 100 feet wide and 400 feet long.-



Print article here: Several vehicles involved in embankment collapse in Paintsville

No one was injured.








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Oh my. How awful. I hadn't heard about this one. That slide off is so deep. You can hear the emotion in that man's voice.  :(


I've heard about ice, snow, frigid temps, rain, floods, volcanos, earthquakes, locusts again, pandemics, food shortages, riots and I can't remember what else. And it's only the first week in March. And we thought 2020 was bad. 

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I agree Jeepers, it's only the first week in March and already 2021 appears to be another challenging year.  But we're up to it, right?  After all, we survived 2020.  Right? :imoksmiley: 


Mother  :offtobed: (Going to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over her head) 

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