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Massive Winter Storm Hitting the Midwest!

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Speaking of deep freeze.  We are going to get lake bay effect snow and freezing weather next 2 days.  Glad I haven't planted the garden yet. Texted g'daughter to bring her tomoato plants in off the deck. This is her first time growing tomatoes. Don't want her to loose them now. They are doing good. 

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I woke up to snow this morning. I was surprised. I know not to plant anything above ground until a week or two after Mother's Day around here. I've had to carry in a lot of Mother's Day plants from outside too. 

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Well we didn't get any snow but we were under freeze warnings for 2 nights. Glad I didn't get my veggies planted yet. Thinking I will wait a bit before I get them planted. Want to make sure we are no longer going to have frost and freezing weather. 


Has anyone heard from Kappy?

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We had frost.  Our last frost date is March 17, and we generally don't have a significant frost after late February sometime.  My blooming avocado took some damage.

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Hi Mt Rider 😊


We are doing pretty good these days. Still cleaning up from that ice storm - we lost 27 trees completely and just about all the rest of the oaks, elms, and ash lost their tops at least - but seems like that was the last of the really nasty winter weather for us; I've got peas and lettuce popping in my garden and the fruit trees are starting to bloom. 


We moved the blueberry patch and the bushes are looking happy in their new location. Hubby prepped a couple rows for new strawberry beds too - those will go in this week.


I have a batch of new chicks arriving by mail around the 15th. And two of our cows should be dropping calves the end of this month.


It feels like the song from that old movie 7 Brides for 7 Brothers around here- "Spring, Spring, Spring"! 


Can't believe how much crazy weather is still going on!! Hope everyone is safe and the rest of the year is calm and quiet with no nasty surprises!

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Good to hear from you, Babysteps.  Glad you and yours are doing well.  Soooo...even in lovely-climate Oregon, y'all still deal with forest fires and nasty ice storms, huh?  Everywhere has the challenges.  I think I'd be crying over so many trees lost tho.  :(  


Here in high CO we have SPRING one or two days.....then WINTER temporarily returns....then SPRING again.  Today is SPRING with a side order of WIND! 


MtRider  :sassing:    ...'nuff to drive ya crazy! 

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AGAIN....Mississippi....Friday.  Then moving into Alabama, Georgia and northern Florida on Saturday.  This one isn't expected to be as bad for tornadoes.  Lotta rain tho.




MtRider  :behindsofa:     Take cover all who need to.

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