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Wagon's Ho revisited

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I've just spent the last couple of weeks re-reading all the wonderful posts in the Wagon's Ho adventure and have to say I had trouble putting it down. I wonder now what happened with the plane Annarchy found, and how the valley government worked out.  I couldn't help but conjecture about the big military radio that Quilty's son Jerry had to keep up and running, and if anyone found signs of MT3B's hunters going out of the valley.  Did Daylily have trouble with David's 'uncle' and how their family did with their various diet requirements. Did anyone find the trail signs going to the Valley after the Rock's joined the group and how did the Benefactors' group manage to learn the lessons needed to survive.  


I was always amazed at how well the writers managed to co-write that story and manage to mesh so well together. It is difficult enough for two authors to co-write a novel let alone the dozen plus writers we had working together in this 'story'.  My kudos to each one of you that contributed to that HUGE endeavor.  It is true there were three of us 'directing' the flow but most times it only took a post or two to get everyone on the same page and then the writers were off and running again. 


There were bloopers of course, WONDERFUL bloopers that only added to the overall fun of the writing.    What was even more interesting was that while we were all trying to write our own reality of what we might have to deal with in that situation we were learning to become family not just in the story but in our hearts as well.  


I left the Wagon's Ho thread because of a severe health condition which forced me to reconsider where I put my energies.  I continued to read afterwards and I was terribly disappointed when the wonderful story eventually came to an end.  To fulfill that empty spot I privately wrote (from my bed) a continuation of the story that told about our family's (fictitious) journey after leaving the valley but until recently had believed that piece had been lost completely when my old computer died.   I was overjoyed to find it saved on an old CD and wonders of wonders, my computer was even able (after some coaxing) to read the old program.  After reading it I took myself back to the Wagon's HO thread and have just finished re-reading the entire thing.  It really did end way too abruptly and I wondered if any of you did continue the writing in the Fireside forum.  (I haven't looked yet but will) I haven't re-read all the comments and other posts that were connected with Wagon's Ho but have bumped those I could find up to the top to allow for ease in finding them.  


For anyone who loves to read or who wonders what it might be like to live with a mixture of the the old and new ways I would like to encourage you to read Wagon's Ho.  Be prepared for surprising adventures, mundane day to day existence, joys and sorrows, and some bloopers along the way. 


The LINE UP:  (I believe but someone let me know if it's different) is:

The Preparation,

The Journey I - Towns/Highways

The Journey II - Ranch Lands

The Journey III - Wilderness

The Journey IIII - The Big Valley

The Valley II - Population Increase


The Comments parts 1 and 2, and the Recipes come along as it was written. 


All the rest of the threads were brought in here and there either as it was being written or after it was ended.  


Some of the writers have gone home to the Lord; some are missing in action and I'd be overjoyed if we could have contact with them again.  If anyone knows about them please share it with us.  If you DO have a continuation of your experiences in the Big Valley posted in the Fireside or elsewhere could you let us know.  I would LOVE to read more.  If anyone is interested in 'Mother's Leaving the Valley' Journey I am willing to post it in the Fireside.  


I want to thank everyone who was involved and who encouraged our endeavors in this project even though it's 11 years after the fact.  This was truly a great piece of writing and as others have mentioned, it would make a great book.  


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It needs to be edited and then I'll consider it. 


So much has changed in the last 11 years I wonder how much knowledge we'd all have now compared to then. I know as I reread Wagon's Ho I thought of tons of things that I could/should have added.   

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:bouquet: Flowers from the fields... in the Valley.....    :bouquet:


..... plane?.... good grief, now I HAVE to re-read it....  :coffeescreen:


Edited to add:

Things of Wagons Ho, that pop up daily....


 I remember writing, we found some alfalfa in a field.... well, collecting manure from the cow pastures, here, for my mulch & garden, sprouted a couple of alfalfa plants.  Remembering our adventure, I harvested the seeds and replanted them, every year.  Last year, there was enough to share with DH’s gardening friend.  This year, it has spread 10 fold.   

Every day, I see the tins & containers, which we packed in our wagon, yes, and ponder that adventure.  It’s amazing how much I researched information, in order to be accurate. DH was my occasional editor and would constantly ask how it was going.

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I do the same, Annarchy.  Rereading it was the best thing I could have done to help me get some perspective on my prepping today.  

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