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Tractor Supply’s AWFUL New Brooders

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This is information about and a link to the petition that has been started by Gold Shaw Farm. 

The FB video that goes into details and has video of the brooders in his local TSC is included at the bottom of the post. 

I don't have a homestead - I don't raise any animals - but I have a voice, and I am passing this on hoping that you will do the same. :sad-smiley-012:



Demand that Tractor Supply Company change their in-store brooding practices


In 2021, Tractor Supply changed its brooding system and began using battery cage-style brooders. These battery cage-style brooders have fueled undue animal suffering and left many of their ducklings and chicks cold, suffering, and dead. This new system was implemented to reduce operating costs, minimize labor costs and increase available retail floor space within their stores. The new system replaced a more traditional tank/heat lamp brooding system. This new brooding system has increased the death rates and leads to poor animal welfare standards. To date, Tractor Supply's response to grievances about their new brooding system has been to patently shrug them off.


There are several steps that Tractor Supply Company could take to increase animal welfare, reduce animal mortality, but they have failed to acknowledge that there are issues within their stores despite dozens of reports from consumers across the country.


Please sign this petition to hold Tractor Supply Company accountable and let Tractor Supply Company's management know that they are personally responsible for this awful situation and need to make significant steps to improve the conditions for the animals that are in their care.






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My niece texted me yesterday after receiving 75 free chicks. Their local farm store gives away the chicks after a certain length of time to farmers they know would take good care of the little McNuggets. Sure wish I had an outbuilding.  :0327:

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I've been reading a lot about TSC issues with baby chicks too. One of their big problems, as far as their customer concerns, is not removing the dead chicks right away. People see that and then all h3ll breaks loose. 


The cages are bad but the visuals make it even worse. 

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