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That is epic. I can't remember ever seeing them go UP the stairs. 


I've probably done 12 at a time. Then jumped up and down clapping my hands like a trained monkey at how clever I was.  Simple pleasures. 

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Wow! that was neat.  Never seen them going up the steps before either.  i used to play with them but like Jeepers said maybe lined up about 12 or so.  That really brings back some old memories. 

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That was cool. Was it just me, or did anyone else think about how big that house was as he was following the falling dominoes?

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Yeah, Dogmom.  I couldn't even follow how he could get so many routes in a house without crossing his own path.  Wonder how long it took to set them up.


I once watched some expert domino people setting up their lines.  If they accidentally knock one and begin a cascade, they quickly swipe a bunch of set-up dominoes out the the lineup AHEAD of the toppling ones.  That stops the whole line from toppling over. 


My brother and I used to set up dominoes on our grma's dining room table.  Didn't have many dominoes tho...


MtRider  ....wonder HOW MANY dominoes that was??? 

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