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I just ran across this picture and was sure I had posted it here. I couldn't find it though. It looks like a pretty good way to start teaching fractions. Especially if your kids are visual hands on learners. They are just pool noodles cut up. Wish they sold those noodles in shorter sizes. Even so it's not like they will break the bank. The Dollar Tree might have them. 


I suppose when the kids master the basics you might want to get just one color so they aren't so easy.


I'm going to get some and start teaching 'half'. That should be easy enough using food as examples. 

Pool Noodle Fractions.jpg

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Thanks Euphrasyne!

I posted about using the bigger Duplo Legos for contractions. I couldn't figure out how to link the original subject folder thing up here but here is the post. The girl talking in the video is Heather. The one who lost her husband last month to a drunk driver.  :(


Teaching Contractions:

I thought this was the neatest idea for teaching contractions.

She uses old Lego Duplo blocks that her kids are finished playing with.  

The good stuff starts at 1:50.


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