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Apparantly, blackberries are NOT a bush, but a vine. They also have only a two year lifespan. The first year is the greenery, the second year is the fruit.

Done and gone - time to pull them out and compost them.


@kappydell Weren't you and Mary planning on planting a lot of berries?




When is the best time to prune your blackberry plants? Right Now. It is never really too late. Some people call them blackberry bushes, but really they are blackberry vines, or blackberry plants. I will teach you how to prune your blackberries for maximum production. be sure to check out our 6 tips on growing blackberries video right here on YouTube.


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I've had blackberries for most of my life.   They are bushes with thorny vines.  Each vine is called a cane.  When the vine comes in, that is year 1 FOR THAT vine/cane/branch only.  year 2 that vine/cane fruits unless you have an everbearing variety which will bear fruit  on years 1 and 2.   You will then trim back that vine and you will have other vines.  The bush will continue to bear canes for decades.  You will probably have fruit every year because the vines come in at different times and will fruit based on that vine's year and not the bush's year.    Do not pull out or compost the actual plant--just the vine/cane that is spent.   

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We have both wild and domestic berries all over our land.  The everbearing red ones as well.  I find it is less mentally demanding to just cut out the dead canes from our domestic ones each year.  The wild ones appear to do just fine on their own and still give us and the wildlife plenty of berries.  I do not compost mine though.  I usually burn them.  Not because they do not compost but because I prefer not running into a thorn from those that haven't yet.  


An aside here.  Did you know that the leaves of the various blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and some other berries as well make a great herbal tea and are medicinal?  I use the spring leaves to drying for use and the light pruning the canes might get then seems to have no effect on the number of berries. 

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We always called blackberries and raspberries canes or brambes. I'd like to have some big black raspberries. I'm not real fond of the 'core' in the middle of the blackberry. 


I've seen raspberry and blackberry tea. Very common. But until just now I never associated the tea with the berry leaves. Duh.  :misc-smiley-231:

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Some brambles are primocane, and some are floricane.  Primocanes send out canes that flower and fruit in one year, so you can mow them down once they fruit.  Floricanes fruit on year-old wood, so you have to wait and prune out canes after they fruit, but you have to leave this year's vines to grow so they will flower and fruit next year.

Whoever tells you to pull out your plants every year probably wants to sell new plants.  

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