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Did you know that you didn't have to live in the country to have a 'homestead'?  Did you also know that you really don't need to have livestock/animals to have an Urban Homestead? (Though some city dwellers DO have food animals)  There are so many things an urbanite can do to make life easier, cheaper, more self sustainable, and safer. 


So many times Survival sites give the impression that you cannot survive after a SHTF situation if you don't live in the country or don't get OUT of the city.  Well depending on your advanced preps it might be totally possible to survive a crisis while living in the City? 


On the other hand, did you know you didn't have to be a city dweller to benefit from city living ideas? This forum was made specifically for those who live and prep in the city but I've found it is also helpful for me as well.  I live on what used to be a fifteen acre fairly self reliant homestead complete with gardens; orchard; dairy, beef, poultry, and pork animals; and wild edibles.  I say used to be because aging, disability, and health issues have taken it's toll and neither DH nor I are able to sustain that lifestyle.  I have, however, found that we can still be prepared for survival using more of the Urban survival tips and tricks and have been enjoying it immensely.  


This forum has been setting relatively idle and I'd like to see it become active again.  Not just for me but for the many members and guests who don't have acres for homesteading or the ability or even the desire for whatever reason to live that 'country' life. 


There is a lot of info here but I'd really love to hear more tips and ideas for prepping, homesteading, survival, and thriving Urban/city lifestyles. It might help a lot more people than you realize. I know it would me.  :grouphug:

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I was raised on an 80 acre farm.  Moved to a big city, then a bigger city, then, our little town.  In the 35+ years we’ve been here, Phoenix is pushing closer, the town annexed land and expanded, 10 miles away.  :shakinghead:  


Some people still have goats, foul, cows & donkeys, but as the younger generation grows up, they don’t seem interested in the upkeep.  Our newest neighbor got chickens again this year.  I had to catch & return an escapee, last week.  Lol. A friend made me a “chicken grabber” which worked ideally.  I’ll have to post a picture of it. :whistling:


We turned part of the back yard, into gardens, mulch bin, coop, etc.  The  front yard is basically a lawn with a jalapeño bush in the flower bed.  :happy0203:  

Yeah, I am an urbanite now.....:ph34r:


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Annarchy, We have basically been using our 1/2 acre yard for produce and even small stock for the last five or so years but it gets much harder to do from the wheel chair.  That's why this last year I've been turning to more apartment type production with our small greenhouse and the hydro and aquaponic systems.  I do a lot of sprouting and re-growing as well but I would like us to explore other areas too, like stealth gardens, defense and survival groups, and living gray in the city.   I'd like to see some posts that expand on what is already here so it becomes a guide for Urban self reliance and survival.  It would help if those like you who already live in the city and understand it's ways would come in and help out with whatever expertise they have.   


I have a chicken grabber. LOL  I wouldn't have thought of catching a chicken in the city though.  Most cities don't even allow them.  Hmmm.  Is there a list of cities that do? And what size amounts and etc do they allow?  That might be helpful. Just in case I have to live in one eventually and need to take the catcher along, just saying..:whistling:

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Where I have been living now for the past 36 years, We were more country than we are now. Most of the farmland has been sold off and more and more apts. have been built.  We are now more urban than country.  We have so many more stores now than when I first moved here. Used to be only a farmers market and a gas station with one restaurant.  Now we have many different types of stores, grocery stores, two 7-elevens across from each other. With apts. over top of stores across the street from the farm market.  Growing like crazy. 

I have about an acre of land with the house on it. So plenty of room for garden. DH and I have been doing a back yard garden for years, with garden also around the house in flower beds.  Never had many flowers as we always grew food in the beds all the way around the house with the big garden right outside of our back door.  That one was about 100 x 50 ft.  Though now I have a shed on half of it. But still have room to move garden to the other side of house and continue to have the 100 x 50 ft. garden and maybe bigger. But that would be more than I can handle anyway.  Looking at planting some fruit trees.  Have 2 blueberry bushes on side of garden shed now.  We can now have chickens but not yet figured that out yet as to how I want to work that out or where to set up for that yet.  But am thinking about it. My grandparents had chickens for both eggs and meat. But I don't think I could do the ones for meat. Don't know how to go about processing them. Something I would have to learn and at my age now, not sure I want to do that. But for eggs would be great. I have a well that works on a 210 pump and I am going to call someone to put in a new pump with a hand pump also. 

To give you an idea about living in an apt.  My granddaughter lives on 3ed floor of an apt. building. She has a huge deck on it.  She has planted tomatoes and other veggies in 5 gal. buckets.  It is working out great for her. Though she had to bring them inside for the next 2 days and nights due to freezing weather.  The apt. has a mud room with a huge closet on the end of it. So lots of room for storing whatever in there. She is using that to store food, water and paper products.  The laundry room is at end of the kitchen area. Very huge room there as well. She is storing all cleaning items in there. For a one bedroom apt. She has really done well for finding ways to store things and having a small garden. Plus she gets what I can't use from my garden. So works for both of us. 

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I just posted a thread last night in the "Nature's Bounty" forum about how to grow carrots in 10" pots. Am considering trying it. Anyone in an apt or small house with, perhaps a patio, but no "land" should check it out. 

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MM, thanks so much for the carrot growing video.  I've grown carrots in containers before but with varying results but that is exactly the thing so many people without access to garden space could use.  It's relatively easy to grow greens (and by the way carrot greens are edible so eat the thinnings) but root crops can give access to calories that would be so important in a survival situation as well.  

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I did check out the video you posted Midnightmom. I'm going to do that method the next time I plant carrots. Those carrot seeds are so small.


Mother, each town, village, subdivision or township makes the rules about which livestock you can own and how many. More and more places are allowing chickens now. In town it's usually 4-5 chickens and no roosters.

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Thanks Jeepers.  I guess I'd need to check out each town/etc that I might want to know about to find out. 


I have been having the most wonderful time going back through the older posts here in the Urban Homesteading forum and it's two side forums.  There is so much information here for anyone, not just city dwellers.  Interestingly enough I even found some of my OWN posts that I found helpful......... :laughkick:


Now I'm wondering if I could hide my own Easter eggs tomorrow and still have an Easter Egg hunt.  :008Laughing:

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