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I had a long battle with stocking and it is still going on.  This year I am focusing in on using what we have and being realistic about what we need.  If I spend effort, $, and time organizing a thing that I don't and probably won't use, than that thing is a burden to me and I do not need it.  I would be better served by letting it go and replacing it with something I do/will need.  

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euphrasyne, I agree with that. Only buy what you know you will use as the rest is just a waste.  Right now I am going through a lot of food. Not that we didn't eat it, but because it is just me now and I will never eat all of it before it would be so far out of date, i would have to trash it. So I am going to have a car load to carry to the church tomorrow. 

Now that the kids have moved away, they won't be here to raid my pantry's like they used to. So not keeping it. 

As for clothes, I have bought socks and underwear before the price went way up and the shortages have already started. So I am good on that. Only thing is, what to do with Dh's things. I will be giving some of it to the kids that can wear some of it and then I will have the memory quilt made from some of it. But I can't see keeping a bunch of jeans and things like that. Not sure if grandsons or SIL can wear any of those. But they can go through them. 

If anyone has any ideas on men's clothes other than a memory quilt, I am open for ideas. 

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That's a good plan Euphrasyne. I've been doing this prep thing for many years now, so I pretty much know what I'll use and what I won't by now. I've done my share of impulse buying along the way and still do once in a great while. But not very often now. 


Go by what's already in your pantry and closet and expand on those items first. I used to go by lists online that other people made. I bought unflavored gelatin, condensed milk, evaporated milk and other things I never use. The milk got hard in the can and I had to toss it and the gelatin expired so even the food bank wouldn't take it. Unfortunately, there are more examples that I can't think of. 


Probably has to do with camping gear. The only camping I might do is in my own back yard, close to the back door. If I have to evacuate I'll go to sons, a hotel or sleep in the Jeep. At least its bug and snake proof and more comfortable than the ground. And the doors lock. And it's mobile. I'm never going fishing so I'm not going to buy any fishing stuff. I have a true honest to goodness fish phobia. You'll find me out to pasture with a herd of bovine chewing my cud of grass and weeds before I'd be at the fishin' hole. I know my limits. 


I was in Amish country once. I think it was in Pennsylvania. I saw some cans of chicken and some beef. I thought that would be really valuable to have in the pantry during a SHTF situation. Nice labels too. As I was looking at them it dawned on me that I can my own chicken and beef. Not that I can do it but I do do it. A lot cleaner and cheaper too. I don't know what came over me to think about buying canned chicken and beef when I had a pantry full of my own. 


I suppose it was a wake up call to pay better attention to my choices. It was a lesson I still remember though. 


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Jeans can be donated or yard sale.  I made a denim quilt once out of everyone's jeans.  I cut them up into large squares and backed it with some nice flannel.  Currently,  I am making a Cathedral window quilt which is self backing.  Basically you cut a bunch of circles and some fabric squares--it is self backing.  I'm using an old ivory tablecloth and denim pants.    Here is an internet version that is very similar:




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Some dear friends loooong ago, made me a denim patchwork quilt.  I LOVED that thing to death.  Finally had to throw it out cuz it was so worn and shredded.  Is it difficult to work with such heavy material, Euphrasyne? 


MtRider  :pc_coffee:

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I like that quilt. Very pretty.  Dh had lots of jeans, so I think I just might make a jean quilt with them.  I was thinking using those clothes for quilts as if there is ever an EMP I could keep warm. I think they would be great for that. Though the one I want to make for the memory quilt will be from his tea shirts. He had a lot of the fishing ones and of course we can't leave out star wars. He wore all those shirts and liked them a lot. So the memory quilt will be made from that. I want to fix that one to hang on wall.  The rest I can use on beds. I am going to just pack up everything till I have time to really go through them.  Once I get house back together and downsize everything in the house, then I will have time to sit down and get some sewing done. I also want to get to JoAnn's fabrics this week. Will try to do that near end of week.  I need to hit that flannel sale. 

Need to check the sales for all the grocery stores to see how much prices have gone up this week. Though I am not buying anything, I do want to keep on top of how much things are going up. 

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Very nice quilt! I've seen the cathedral windows pattern. It looks pretty difficult. Once I did a double wedding ring pattern. It's about lap quilt size. Pretty pink but oh all of those curved pieces. I just wanted to see if I could do it. BTDT.


I always used a nice new cotton sheet for the backing. Now days most sheets are micro fiber. I don't know how that would work. I want to make a flannel comforter in more masculine colors and tie it with red embroidery floss. Or maybe thin yarn.   


When my mother died my MIL took all of the satin ribbons from the flower arrangement's she had at the funeral and sewed all of the strips together. It sort of looks like a strip quilt. It isn't quilted or anything. Just a top. I had forgotten all about that until just now. It's in my cedar chest. I'm going to get it out and see if I can find a small display box for it. It was 50 years old this past January. My mother died on my MIL's birthday so those ribbons sort of connect the three of us women. My sons mother and his two grand mothers.  :sigh:

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My circles are not perfect, but I think it adds to the causal denim look of the piece.  It was a bit tricky to work with and I went very slow.   I only did a few pieces every day and I had one of the kids help me with the cutting.   I actually used a small frisbee and a sharpie to mark the cutting for the pants circles.  It was thick, but not too bad and I've had more issues with fleece than I did with the denim.   That being said... I hate all those circles!   They look amazing but are a PITA.  

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you can do squares instead of the circles it won't be a cathedral but would use up jeans and is easier to sew in my opinion that is what i did with my husbands jeans for our 3 kids i backed them with flannel and tacked tied them with yarn at the corners of each block

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Pauline, that's the way my MIL used to make her comforters. She used cross stitch floss in the corners. Or maybe it was crochet thread. She crocheted doilies so I'll bet that's what it was. They didn't seem to get as fuzzy after washings and dryings as the yarn did. Back then they didn't have the thin yarns like they do now. 

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Hello Paulene.  I think just doing the squares would be easier for me with my arthritic hands.  I want to hopefully get enough out of them to make a quilt for each of the grandchildren and one for my daughter as well. And for me if I can get enough material out of them. He had at least 40 pair of jeans if not more. I had packed up all the ones he had when he lost all that weight and they are still in shed stored away. So hoping to get a few quilts out of them. 

Jeepers I think I best be getting to that fabric shop. I will need the cross stitch thread for them and I will need more thread for machine also. I have to go to fabric shop to buy it as my machine won't take the cheaper threads. 


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'back then' they usually used #10 cotton yarn or #30 cotton yarn to be fancy.  It is what the thin dollies, bookmarks, and old bedspreads are made out of.  It comes in several colors now, but used to be mostly ecru or white and the bigger #10 is about the size of 4-5 cross stitch threads together.  the #30 is about the size of 2 cross stitch threads together.

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Dishcloth yarn is good, but it does not hold up as well over time as bedspread cotton which has a very different consistency. 


The acrylic red heart yarn makes me never want to make anything ever again.   If you want cheap, but not super cheap, caron is the best.  Seriously, buy some on sale and you will start to shudder that you ever used red heart.  Make sure to get the shiny type.  NO SNAGS.   You know what I'm talking about.  I really like Caron for baby blankets and shalls.  


Dishcloth cotton like   Lily or Sugar and Cream have several strands of soft cotton twisted together.  It is fluffy like acrylic yarn, but cotton.  Even if you take the strands apart, they will fluff up and fray over time because they are larger strands.  


Bedspread cotton #10 and #30 are cotton but not fluffy.  They are considered more of a thread and are often sold as a crochet thread.  They have minimal fluff after washing.  You can buy other sizes of specialty crochet thread, just remember that the bigger the number, the smaller the yarn.  This is opposite the 1-5 sizing of sock-jumbo yarn sizing.  Do you remember all those old bedspreads that were flat, white, and usually fillet or doily patterned?  Or old antimacassar sets or doilies?  That is all 10/30 cotton.  #30 would come in multiple colors more like a sewing thread and #10 was mostly white/ecru.  


#30 example

Linda Crochets: Double Pineapple Doily


#10 example

Ravelry: Marguerite Bedspread #6132 pattern by Priscilla Publishing Company

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