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Don't forget the Chocolate

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YES!!! I now have proof chocolate is good for you and it is MUST prep:hapydancsmil:




1. Chocolate is good for your heart

2. Chocolate slows aging

3. Chocolate improves brain function

4. Chocolate relives coughing

5. Chocolate may fight cancer

6. Chocolate had pregnancy benefits

7. Chocolate is highly nutritious

8. Chocolate improves your vision

9. Chocolate is a mood food

10. Chocolate keeps you slim

11. Chocolate may protect your skin from the sun

12.  Chocolate relieves diarrhea

13. Chocolate reduces inflammation

14. Chocolate relives PMS

15. Chocolate reduces the risk of stroke (this was actually #12 but I skipped it some how)


The catch is the chocolate needs to be dark chocolate at least 72% cocoa. Hey that's fine with me I LOVE dark chocolate. I actually like the 90%, it strong and a little will do you but it so good. :feedme:


For all of you needing justification to stock chocolate you are welcome :curtsey:now go get your chocolate :laughkick:

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