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Health Benefits from Lawn Mowing...and cut grass smell

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This is an interesting take on a chore some of us still might be doing.  In our CO high country, no grass lawns to mow.  Well, some folks import the standard green lawn concept but most of us are content to do things Wild West style.  :lol:




MtRider  ....but I do remember the 'cut grass' smell  :happy0203:

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In another month, we'll be mowing our grass.   :hapydancsmil:   I leave the dandelions for the honeybees, but everything else goes into the three baskets on the back of the tractor. Since I mow about 2-8 acres at different times during the Summer, a push mower might be a bit too much.  :laughkick:

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Homesteader, I was thinking she must surly live in an apartment or a condo. Wait until she has more than a strip or two of grass to cut and hits my age in the summer with all of that heat and humidity. Bet she will have her fat a$$ perched on a riding mower faster than she can say John Deere. 

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