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Perpetual BOB Refinements

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Perpetual BOB Refinements  :rolleyes:    Yanno what I mean?  It's the Never-Ending-Project for me.  Truthfully, most of that is because:


A) I'm small stature    and Senior Citizen {you know...old}   and disabled.  Therefore:  I can't carry much and walk the distance if that were required.  Not. Gonna. Happen.


B )  ........ Um.... :busted:    ....OK, I LIKE MY STUFF!  Too much STUFF!  Gotta have my STUFF!  


C)  Due to disability and not young anymore, I actually DO need more stuff like adaptive equipment.  Which adds weight that I already can't carry well.  :scratchhead:  


D)  Then I watch things like this video.....and get ideas for MORE STUFF I NEED  :happy0203: 




Really!  He has some good ideas which are tailored for the year 2021.  I'll list them and add my own ideas and comments.  Some of this we already have, likely. 


You can watch him explain if you want to....but WE already know the 'WHY' when we see the list.  [yeah, Jeepers:  another LIST!]



Jeff Anderson....2021 special additions to BOB



Vit C, D, Zinc lozenges

Nuprin. Tylenol, etc

Supply of masks, nitrile gloves...


Neck gaiter...for adaptability.  Ahem....definitely not protection from virus except specialized $$$ ones coming out in the past year.  Reason for neck gaiter?  To hide your expensive N95 or other mask inside the gaiter.  White stands out which is ok if everyone is wearing surgical masks, etc.  But at night...?  Just gives you the ability to blend in with whoever/whatever environment.


Special prescription glasses...the type folks wear for playing rough sports like basketball

Or Swim goggles 

Reason:  to seal the eyes from tear gas, virus, whatever


Pulse Oximeter ...light weight/small


Reason:  check for illness during BO




Because:  RIOTS

baseball cap with Velcro changeable front labels [BLM, Trump, Biden, etc] 

Reason:   Not necessarily what you support but to blend in with whatever crowd formed before you could get away.  First rule:  DON'T BE THERE!  Second rule:  If you are, BLEND IN til you can get out.


small taser

[eye protection...above]


I'd already included as part of my BO clothing: navy blue unmarked hoodie.  Probably wouldn't stand out in the Antifa protest if wearing a dark cloth mask or neck gaiter.....even if Antifa wears black.  Reason for not having a black hoodie:  cuz you'd look like Antifa when you definitely DON'T want to look like them!  Hoodies are kinda ordinary so it blends in most places especially if you don't have the hood up. 





MtRider  ......any comments and MORE SUGGESTIONS for our changed world?

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