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She is a professor and when she experiments on something she goes all out. She made some good points however she left out one important point. Mason jar manufactures are adamant that the jars are not to be heated in an oven. They can weaken the glass and cause breakage. Something about the difference between tempered and non tempered glass. 


Is Oven Dry Canning Safe? - YouTube



I forgot to mention that in a later video she opened a bucket of rice and found bugs. So now she is repackages. If I see that video I'll post it here. 



Found it:

Long Term Storage of Dry Foods - YouTube


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I used to open a jar of soup and heat it up in the microwave. No bowl to wash. Then I read a few places that it could weaken the jar. I've never had one break in the microwave but now I think I might have weakened some of my jars and shortened their life expectancy. 

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