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A Chair, A Tote, A Raised Bed Garden

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I thought this was a pretty good idea. Not necessarily the video but her idea. She took really cheap lawn chairs and sat a tote on them to make a raised bed garden. She drilled drainage holes on the side toward the bottom to catch the runoff water in a bucket which has turned into compost tea. Then she re-waters the plants with the recycled water which is right under the totes. You could even use the chair method with a grow bag or buckets to raise them up. 


Mother, I thought of you when I saw this. They look to be about wheelchair height. They could be spaced farther apart so you could easily reach all sides. Really any configuration to make gardening easier. 


BEST Vegetable RAISED BED Garden-How to Grow FOOD in LESS Space CHEAP & FUN Container & Pot Plants - YouTube


How To Build a RAISED BED Garden-Grow Tons of Vegetables Pot Plants in EASY Tote METHOD Small Spaces - YouTube


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Those are super ideas, Jeepers. She's basically setting the totes up as a sort of lasagna garden  We use large (think half barrel) sized black tubs that farmers get mineral for cows in as some of our growing containers.  We have thirty or so of them. We also have old bathtubs and a few raised bed areas as well. Between them they hold a lot of soil that needs to be periodically amended.  We have two compost bins but are finding them difficult to maintain and I don't know why I didn't think of using the tubs themselves for composting.  The problem with them all is that they have all been where they are for ages and each have issues, either they have sunk into the ground too deeply to drain properly, the trees have overgrown them, the moles have taken over the yard making it difficult for me to get my wheelchair near them, or the soil in them needs to be reworked and neither DH nor I are physically able to do that.  We also have snails and since we got rid of our ducks they have gotten worse.  We do not have the ability to keep animals now and I can't use chemicals because of severe allergies.  


That chair/tote idea is great.  We don't have sidewalks but they could be lined up near the wheelchair ramp and along the gravel drive and worked from there. It might be a bit shady but I could work with that. The legs could be protected from snails crawling up and it's close enough to the house to put our kitchen scraps into them for composting. Watering them with the compost water that drains out of them is also a great idea and I even wonder if we could use that water in our inside hydroponic system instead of commercial organic solutions  Might have to filter it to get it to pump through but I've been trying to find a home made solution for it and this might be possible. I'm even thinking the chair/tote set up could be used inside in the greenhouse instead of the worm bins I hoped to start. And wouldn't this be a great idea to use in Apartment Homesteading given just a bit of light? 


:sSig_thankyou: The ideas are just flying.  :hug3:



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