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So, a friend of DH’s gave me 3 small, just sprouted tomato plants.  Last year they set in the shade, growing.  I planted them in the garden in January, after most of our frost warnings were over.  They bloomed and grew great.  However, I started picking the tomatoes, about yellow, because the birds were pecking them, then, they quit messing with them.  But...


3 weeks ago, I picked a bowl full, hoping it would cause the plants to ripen.... and these I picked were kept in the window...




Oh, BTW, about an half a dozen, small tomatoes did turn red.


Anyway... here’s what they look like, 3 weeks after being picked, the ones on the vine are greener than the ones on the bowl.

The seeds are still bright green, even in the ones that turned red.  Are they any good? Deseased? Or some hybrid?


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I don't know either. If I had to guess I'd think they were hybrid a generation or so back. That's just a guess though.


I was listening to someone a couple of days ago talking about pollination and he said insects do cross pollinate plants but they have to be within the same species, or whatever you call it in the plant world. In other words, corn doesn't cross pollinate (in nature!) with a radish plant, but corn crosses with other corn all the time. Much to my aunts horror when her sweet corn had bits of Indian corn mixed all through it. So it could be a cross with another type of tomato. 


I know I was a lot of help there. :rolleyes:

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Tomoatoes that are totally green will not ripen when they are picked. If they have a tint of yellow put wrap in newspaper or tissue paper and set in a dark place for a couple of days check them daily and they should start ripening. Tomates actually ripen in the dark not the sunlight. If they are totally green have yourself some friend green tomatoes. :feedme:


If nothing else put them in a paper bag with a greenish banana. As the banana releases gas the gas will force the tomatoes to ripen.



https://morningchores.com/how-to-ripen-tomatoes/  check out this link it has some good ideas. 


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I ripen mine in a brown paper bag.  

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I've heard other people talking about strange things going on in their gardens this year.  


Last night I cut open a big red bell pepper. The placenta was all bright green. There were even some green seeds in there. The only bell pepper seeds I've ever seen are white. I've never seen that before. It looked odd but tasted good. Maybe it was irradiated or something? 

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