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Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Slices

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Amazon has dehydrated potato slices on sale today. They are 27% off and from Augason Farms. Don't know how long the sale is going on. They are $34.00 for a 4 gallon bucket. I THINK it is cheaper to buy them than to purchase the potatoes, peel them, boil them, dehydrate them for hours and buy the storage containers. Anyway, I ordered a bucket and will store them away for dire emergency use. I have some slices that I did at home so will rotate through them. I think I just talked myself into ordering another bucket. 

AmazonSmile : Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Slices Shreds : Sports & Outdoors




You could buy the same thing directly from Augason Farms for $122.00  

Dehydrated Potato Slices | Augason Farms

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I was about to hop on that when I saw it was 4 lbs not 4 gallons.  The bucket will be under a foot square.  If you bought 16 boxes of normal scallop potatoes it would be about that much for $16. 

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Yeah, nearly all of AF buckets are the square 4 gallon size. Really nice manageable size and square so they store easier than round ones. I've switched over to square 4 and 2 gallon sizes when I buy them. Anyway...


16 boxes of scalloped or au gratin potatoes would cost more than $16.00 unless maybe you could get them at the Dollar Tree. I'm not sure they have them in my area. All of our Dollar Trees are very small. I looked online and most of the packages are less than a pound and that includes the sauce packet inside the boxes. Also, most are over a dollar a box. 


I just saw where Great Value has scalloped potatoes for $0.94 a box but they are only 5 ounces and that includes the flavor packet. 


I'm so math challenged it's pitiful. Then there is that volume vs weight thing. Liquid weight vs. dry weight. I'll never understand any of it. But tomorrow I'll have 2 buckets of sliced taters for $68.00 all done up in a square bucket at my door ready to put in storage. Sometimes it's the those little things...



Dyscalculia is real. Dyscalculia lives matter. 

The struggle is real people. The. struggle. is. real.  


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I am not one of those people but I know some who are.  Those people are going to love the designation.  Thanks! :bouquet:

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I used to describe it as math dyslexia until I found out it is a real disorder. I was grateful too! 


I have a couple of cousins who have it so maybe it runs in families. Don't know. My son doesn't have it, thank goodness. Hope G-son won't. 


I'm not at all dyslexic with letters and I have no problems reading. But put numbers in front of me and I'm useless. That includes phone numbers, addresses and ages. It isn't just math. Anything with numbers.


I do have some ADD. As if people couldn't tell.  


SQUIRREL!  :happy0203:



I was trying to explain it to someone once and, of course I couldn't think of the name of it. I reverted to my old standby crutch and told them it sounds like Count Dracula. I was no help then either.  

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I'm seriously OCD and keeping our grocery budget in check is my 'job.'  


The item you linked was 4lb or 64 oz.

That is 16 boxes of 4oz potatoes (16*4=64).  It would actually be roughly $16 here if I bought it not on sale--that is unlikely to happen but I will use those numbers.


Kroger scalloped potato 4.7oz $1

BJs box of Idaho scallop potato 6pk 1.48lbs $7.99 (i usually buy these on sale for $6)

Walmart .94 for the GV 5oz type 


Name brands at all places are $1.25 kroger/walmart/food Lion.  


So....the 4lb bucket is 64oz and is thus 34/64  = $.53 per oz


The flavor packets weigh around 1-2oz so you get 2-3oz potatoes per packet.   We'll go with 2.5 to split the difference.   

So a 2.5oz serving of potatoes is 1/2.5= $.40 for the cheap and 1.25/2.5 $.50 for the name brand.  Either way it is cheaper than the Auguson farms and you would get a 'free' packet of sauce with that math.  


Since I'd only buy stuff on sale I'd get it for more like .79 each which would be .79/2.5= $.26-$.32 per oz.  (or less if it was a really good sale.)


So for me, the amazon link is double what I'd normally pay and I'd get about 16 packets of sauce that aren't even accounted for.    We aren't going to discuss how many boxes are currently in my pantry because that is a big number.  



Kroger - Kroger® Scalloped Potatoes with Creamy Sauce Mix, 4.7 oz

Idahoan Au Gratin and Scalloped Casserole Variety Pack - BJs WholeSale Club

Great Value Three Cheese Potatoes, 5 oz - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

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I'll take your word for it. 


I'm OCD to some degree too. Especially when it comes to even numbers and counting things. I count a lot. Odd for someone who has Count Dracula Disorder. 


I also want every thing to match. That's a big one. So square buckets all lined up is eye candy for me. 


You are happy with your boxes and I'm happy with my buckets. It's all good. 


That is as long as you have an equal number of boxes. If not then you must lay them flat and stack them that way until you use one. Then they can go upright again.  :happy0203: 

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LOL.    The boxes must lay flat, never upright, 2  boxes deep in my pantry with the expiration date showing reading right side up arranged by 'bad nearest and on top.'   Also, au gratin, scalloped, and cheesy potatoes are mixed interchangeably.  You get to have whatever is on top--NO DIGGING!   Sometimes I take them out of the boxes and repackage the packets & potatoes into bulk containers.   If people (cough*husband*cough) don't see what brand it is, they don't care and like everything equally.   Aldi's is normally .79 each everyday and they like it better when I've repackaged it.  :shrug:


When MIL lived here, she refused to eat anything that had ever been dehydrated because it was 'chemicals.'  I tried to point out that all her pastry mess and junk food had a ton of chemicals and most dehydrated was just the item, but she refused to eat it.   She would always ask if it was dehydrated before dinner.  Sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn't.  It got so that I'd mix dehydrated and fresh just so that I could tell her fresh was in it.  When she actually ate it, she could never tell the difference.  She raved over my tacos for years.  Then I told her it was half ground beef, half beef tvp 100% of the time for a few decades now.  She never ate them again.  


Its funny how we all have our little quirks  XD  :wub:

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