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Ice cream maker - any recipe ideas?

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I bought a Cuisinart ICE-21 recently and last night it got it's first trial.

This is the 'Simple Chocolate Ice Cream' that's on the first page of the suggested recipes that came enclosed. Served together with some added choco sauce and macadamias.
I have to say it was pretty knock-out 


 The good strong plain cocoa powder really gives it some oomph. It would be interesting doing a blind test vs Haagan Dazs or Ben + Jerrys. My unscientific impression is that it doesn't taste inferior to either, and it would be interesting to test that. If anything it struck me as richer and punchier...

It's not slimming food that's for sure, for a 1.2litre batch it includes a cup+ of sugar (1/2 + 1/3rd dark brown), and two cups of thick cream. But, everything in moderation.

So I was wondering if anyone else has one, and what kind of recipes they might have enjoyed. Of course now my mind is racing with the possibilities: Chocolate-Orange is an obvious brown sugar hybrid. I'm also wondering whether incorporating brandy into a recipe might work ... 


 Perhaps adding brandy soaked sliced cherries for an adults-only 'Black-Forest' style blend...

So if anyone has any tips or suggestions I'd love to hear them!

The machine was about S$170. For people relo'ing over it could be worth considering bringing one as they cost about 1/2 that in 'the West'.

The above batch of 1.2L cost roughly (this is an estimate, in S$, as we already had the cocoa, sugar, and vanilla brought from Europe).
3/4 cocoa powder - $1.50
1/2 cup granulated sugar -$0.25
1/3 cup dark brown sugar -$0.50
pinch salt
1 cup whole milk - $0.25
2 cups thick cream - $6.00
1/2 tsp vanilla extract - $0.25

So, about $8.75/1.2L or $4/pint! Now, if HD/B+Js is say $20/pt, that means the machine has paid for itself after about 5 uses. What I also like is the lack of fillers, gums, preservatives, and the like. It can do sorbets and frozen yoghurt too.

p.s. One minor inconvenience is that you need to pre-freeze the mixer bowl which is about 6" high * 7" across. For many people here that is going to be quite a chunk of their freezer drawer. On the +side, it forced us to have a 'freezer audit' and dump a lot of old forgotten stuff. You can also buy models that require no pre-freezing of the bowl, rather they have in-built compressors (like a freezer!), but they are significantly more expensive, maybe $500+

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:wave: Jamesjohn, Welcome to Mrs. S.   Nice to see you posting.  I have a couple of older Moulinex hand cranked ice cream makers that I love. The pan has to be frozen ahead of time as well but I don't find it too difficult to find space for a couple of pans as Dh and I both love ice cream.  I sometimes just stick some frozen item inside of them to make space.  We try to eat healthy though and have found we can make a passable sherbet out of almost any soft fruit. Even canned applesauce will work.  If we mix coconut milk (or cream or yogurt) with the fruit and perhaps a bit of honey if any sweetener is needed it turns out nice and creamy. I also used canned pumpkin made up as if for a pie and churned that.  I add some crushed ginger snap cookies to it and it's like a pumpkin pie blizzard.  It's amazing what you can turn into a frozen desert.  


Have fun experimenting.  

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