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I was looking at those fitness watches on Amazon. It would be really nice for me to have one that monitors blood pressure and heart rate etc. since I have issues. But all of the reviews say they aren't accurate. No big deal. It was just a thought. Would have been nice though. So I thought I'd pick up a cheap one to measure my sleeping pattern. I have issues there too. It would be nice to know what kind of sleep I'm getting without first going to a sleep clinic. It's slim and under $30.00 called Mgaolo Slim Fitness Tracker IP 68... Bla-Bla-Bla.


Then I read the review. 


May 19, 2021

V.V. from Canada wrote:


Beware of Permissions

"You need to install an app on your cel phone to use it properly, but if you agree/say I accept to the permissions, it will: take all your cel contacts/names/conversations/record/use your microphone/hear/alter/disable your cel and much more. This is common with most apps, and sadly most people overlook this critical information, especially if there is a massive hack/act of war... Thanks China!"


She also posted four pictures of the statements but I couldn't get anything to copy/paste. Another thing I thought was strange is at the bottom of all reviews there is a button you can hit to say if the review was helpful. The button was missing so there is no way to leave her feedback. 


It's not a huge concern to me but my D-ex wears one constantly and heads a lot of meetings that could contain sensitive company information. I'm going to warn him. What he does with the information is up to him. But at the very least, I wouldn't wear one to work. 


Too bad for me because I think the blood pressure, heart rate and sleep monitor would have helped me. 


And I know everyone in the 'free' world probably already knows this except for me. Sigh. Just giving  a refresher course of sorts. 



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I hadn’t heard that about fitness trackers.  My DD has worn a FitBit for several years and recently got a new, and I might add expensive one.  She recently had a complete physical and they accepted her Fitbit’s heart rate and the BP matched closely.  She also had a home sleep test which almost exactly matched her fit bit one for that night.  

I have had her old Fitbit for almost three weeks though it does not take BP.  The step count on it are way off for me but was close for her when she wore it.  It counts most of my hand movements as steps.  I have a-fib and a pacemaker and can see when my pulse is high or low.  I, too, have sleep issues and it really helps me see the pattern.  For instance even though I don’t have diabetes or sugar issues it showed me I sleep better if I have a natural carb like sweet potato or pumpkin in the evening.  

As for it taking my contacts and etc. that may or may not be true.  :shrug:.  If it is true then perhaps the app that checks my pacemaker every three months could be doing the same? Not to mention the new iPad I just got. Even my yahoo mail and a dozen other systems have apps on my computer.   I’m sure the Alexa Echo I got for Christmas is listening in.  Kind of a scary world we live in now but I thoroughly enjoy my Face time conversations with my son and GD fro CA and VA.  And the Fitbit is giving me needed info about my health. 

So, is there a way to block this and still use the app?  I understand that turning off the Mic on Alexa blocks any listening but also blocks any commands I might give it.  :scratchhead:

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Thanks for the feedback Mother. I'm going to check into the FitBit. I know its popular brand. I just didn't want to spend that much. So many prep items on my never ending prep list yet to purchase... But then again my health is an important prep item too, huh? And I haven't been keeping on top of that very well lately. :sEm_blush:


I think the only way to get the apps to work is to agree to all of their terms. As for Alexis, I'd just keep it turned off unless I'm using it. If it enhances your life then I'd say use it. I've always said, "Pick your battles and aim for the ones you can win." I have Alexis built into my computer. I opted out of the hands free method. So if I want to communicate with it I have to push a button first to activate it. I'm probably being fooled into believing that. Whatever. I remember years ago when I was made a paranoid fool of for covering my computer camera lens. Pffft. 


Amazon Echo - SNL - YouTube

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Ummm, I cover my computer camera lens too! :animal0017:.  I know Alexa, according to Amazon, really does randomly record very short bits of conversation.  And they have thousands of workers checking them supposedly to make Alexa better.  They SAY there is no way for them to connect it with a person or place!  I have the camera off unless one of the kids call on it.  But like the FitBit it has other features I like. DH uses it to find step by step recipes he can make.  We play music when in the kitchen too and use the timer.  But!  There is always that but.....

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One of the guys at the Geek Squad once told me that just turning your computer camera off wasn't enough. You only think it's turned off. "they" have 'back doors' built in to over ride you. And this was over a decade ago when he told me that. Imagine what they can do now. :0327:


What I do is put a little piece of paper over the lens and then cover it with black electrical tape. I put the paper on first because I don't want the adhesive to ruin the lens in case I ever want to use it. I use the black tape because that is what I had handy at the time. LOL Turned out it was a good choice because the black tape blends in with the black computer case so I never even notice it. I'll bet they can still hear me though. 


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Posted (edited)

I must have talked with the same geek squad cause I do the same.  More habit now probably.  I’m probably computer pathetic! :laughkick:

Edited by Mother
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Someone in one of my other groups said that he does lots of repairs on computers where they put a piece of plastic over the camera.  The screen isn't designed for the pressure.

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I have a windows 7 that Microsoft downloaded windows 10 on. I have always kept the camera off and have the lens covered up with a piece of colored paper that is folded over about 4 times to make it thick. Though since they downloaded windows 10 the camera no longer works. Computer can't find it. So no issues there as I have never used it anyway.  I do have a Alexa that I never wanted, but my granddaughter in Washington state wanted all of us to have one so we could see each other and chat. So she got her mom, me and sister one last Christmas. I have it set through my cell phone so when she calls I know it's her and then I just turn the Alexa on and the camera. So the way she works it really doesn't get used much.  I always keep the speaker and camera off  on Alexa and camera covered as well when not in use. I have heard things about the fit bit and I have one but haven't used it in a long time.  I have also heard about how they have a back door on computers where they can turn your camera on without you knowing it. It is always a good idea to check to see if camera is on or off.  It is also the reason I have always kept the camera lens covered. 

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