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And so it begins.  Stay safe everyone from these wild fires. This is not good for anyone. 


Annarchy,  Praying these fires don't come near you. Though I know you will have the smoke from them depending on the wind. Stay safe and prayers going out for all in the area of these fires. 

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The Telegraph Fire is on the left, now over 41,000 acres.  They PTB are recommending people west of Globe to evacuate.


The Mescal Fire on the right, is almost 50,000 acres.








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YIKES!  That blew up in a hurry!  :(  


Wildfire season already.  Course we've had CO fires in June before too.  Still getting some rains here... THANKFULLY!


Kinda turns my stomach to see the maps.....y'know? 


MtRider  ....stay safe Annarchy!  :hug3: 

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Those fires are not looking like they are going to be under control anytime soon. They are getting bigger. The bad thing is that I heard today we are going into a drought in many parts of the country. This will not play out very well for fires to flair up in many states. The heat index is also getting worse.

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If they meld...they become the "name" Complex Fire.  :runcirclsmiley2:


So today we were "in town" again.  I was riding, DH was visiting my dad, and we stopped to see my mom for a while.  I looked out the window and saw an odd haze....blue...kinda.  I get on my computer at home and have an ALERT:  The blue haze is the soot/ash from AZ wildfires:o  Oh, that again.  Glad it's now Colorado's but sorry it's big enough to send it all the way to us.....with the winds just right.  :sigh:  Is this why I'm sounding hoarse again?  Thot it was aspens blooming out.  Time for N95 again.


MtRider  ...praying they can keep it stopped it at that highway!   :pray: 

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Heard from BIL.  It was stopped 1 mile short of their town and they are safe for now if it doesn’t come back around them from the other side. Still praying. 

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I’m very grateful your family is safe, May they stay that way.  :pray:

Truly sad part, they evac’ed Superior & Top of the World to the evac center in Globe, for the Telegraph Fire. There isn’t a route out of Globe with the Mescal Fire encroaching.  

We are also going into an excessive heat warning, unseasonably high temps over 110°.

Today, the Telegraph is 76,260 acres & Mescal is over 70,000 acres.




There’s another big one in the Gila National forest, in NM, the Johnson Fire, 45,500 acres.


Then, just for the info….. yeah, there’s a few fires burning…..CA looks bad too.



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I certainly hope & pray the highway acts as a fire block.  

As long as the wind dies down and the fires don’t backtrack.  It is truly a deep sadness that all our local wilderness forests are burning.  Yeah, it probably needed it.  Native Indians used to do controlled burns, years ago, before Fed. land management took over.  


Plus, as DH & I were talking, AZ is the only place on earth, our Saguaro species can live naturally.  Imagine how many are gone. :sigh:  

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The Telegraph Fire is 104,755 acres…


The Pinacle Fire is 9,911 acres.


Seeing smoke from one, that started on the 13th, to the west of us now.  Ash is beginning to fall in our area.



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We had a dense haze in our area today.   It's the soot/ash traveling over from your neighborhood. 


The horse trail was extremely dusty today.  I've been wearing a mask. 


AND my mom pointed out that the pine pollen is flying thru the air....collecting on surfaces....and clogging breathing. 


NO WONDER my voice was low, raspy, and croaky today.  Sounds like I'm a 50 yr smoker.  :buttercup: 


MtRider  :ph34r:    and praying for wildfires to be put out!  

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