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Did you know you can keep carrots in your refrigerator all winter long?  I dug these last fall.  I rinsed off the mud and stored them in gallon bags.  The ones on the counter are what I used today to make Swiss steak for dinner.  Two peeled the others waiting.  Those in the bag show they get a little hairy and the stems may start growing a little but cut the ends off each carrot, peel and voila delicious carrots....fresh or cooked.  


I'm sorry to say that those in the bag are the end of my carrots so I'll have to start buying them soon. :( 


So, ladies get your carrots planted to have a good supply for those soups, stews, etc. next winter.  


Happy gardening!  :lois:



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We can't grow carrots here, rocky ozark mtns, but I have often kept them in the frig as described above, and they do keep very well.  I look for bags at the grocery store that have not started growing "hair".

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I also have kept carrots in fridge like that for long periods of time. Never had a problem. though the last time I planted carrots, I canned those. Did not plant carrots this year. This fall I am going to get the larger garden plowed and ready for spring planting next year. Also going to buy some chicken wire to put around it to keep neighbors cat from using my garden for a bathroom. 

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Awesome idea Dee. Thanks for sharing because I've never heard of that before. 


Cats in a garden can be an issue. My Indy house garden area has some sort of chicken wire fence around it. It will keep deer out but cats can easily jump it. Probably racoons and other critters too. 

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I also have cat and dog repellant that I sprinkle around the edge of garden, but have to do it again after the rain. So far I have only caught the cat in the tomato plants once.  The repellant does not hurt animals, and the smell keeps them at bay. So when I get the fence up,  I will still use the dog and cat repellant at edge of fence to deter the cat.

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Littlesister...I use Liquid Fence, Deer and Rabbit Repellent.  It's the smell that chases them off and it's not poisonous to animals.  Is that what you use?  I do have to spray after each rain. 

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Thank you, Dee!  I’ve often wondered whether it was just me, lol.

 I’ve always put any bag of carrots in the crisper bin in the frig, but, I will blow into the bag, then, twist the top.  Store bought will last almost a year, as long as I open the bag, use one or two, blow into the bag & re-twist the top.  They will grow roots and greens.  Home grown…. (embarrassing)… have lasted 2-3 years.  They get pushed to the back & I forget they are in there.  Sometimes I think I am loosing my memory… at my age…probably.  :008Laughing:

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Dee, liquid fence is the name of what I use as well. We have had so much rain and more coming, so I will have to put it down again when the weather clears again. 

I didn't plant carrots this year, but I do have several jars I canned about 2 years ago. Though I had to add store bought to that. 

I want to get all the older food used up before next spring as much as possible and then I am going to do both raised beds and the back yard garden that I will be plowing up this fall to get ready for spring. Will be working on a list of things I want to plant in the spring. 

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