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Canning strawberries?

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This year I want preserve strawberries. I have tried to freeze them, but I never take them out in time to thaw. So I thought I would can them. My canning book says that during the canning process they can lose a bit of flavor. 


For those of you who have canned strawberries, how much flavor did they lose? Was it worth it?

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I've never canned strawberries. I've only seen them canned. They tend to lose their shape and some of their color and are prone to floating in the jar. I've heard they lose some of their flavor too. They won't come out looking like a regular strawberry for sure. If you don't want to make jam/jelly, you might consider making strawberry pie filling. You could use it on all types of things from toast to ice cream to pies and tarts. 


In my personal opinion, it isn't worth canning just strawberries. I'm afraid you would be disappointed. 

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Hi Jeepers,


I'm afraid I would be disappointed also. I couldn't find anyone in my circle who had done it, so I thought I would ask here. They pretty much said the same thing. I don't mind freezing them, it would be a lot less work, but using foods that I can seem so much easier when I am ready to use them. 


Thank you for the reply :)


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