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Do you suffer from Migrains?

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That would be me too. It's funny but just yesterday I bought myself two pair of sunglasses at Wal-Mart and the day before I bought 5 pair of kids sunglasses at the Dollar Tree. $19.00 for 7 pair of sunglasses. Not too bad.  


I know what she is talking about with the pain traveling. Mine usually ends up in my jaw. I get slurred speach and it feels like my mouth is thick and heavy. It's hard to form a thought and even harder to string the words together with my lazy feeling mouth. It's very obvious when I'm going through it. I guess I have what people call brain fog. We didn't have that word decades ago. I just call it med head. 


Mine usually lasts up to a week. What gets me through is knowing it will pass because it always does. And trying to sleep through as much as I can. And a cold wash cloth across my eyes and forehead. Fortunately, the older I have gotten the fewer I get. I'm guessing some of mine are hormone induced. Eye strain is a huge trigger for me too. 


I have empathy for anyone who has migrains.

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I had a few, for a time, before my hysterectomy.  Horrible awful nasty, debilitating things.  Brother had to drive me to the doc.  Doc gave me a shot, closed the windows and waited a while… I was totally nauseous, couldn’t move, and sounds were extremely loud.. I could hear my watch ticking!  

Terrible things for people to have to endure. Headaches now, so not compare to the migraines.  Thank God! They are gone.

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I've had them all my life. My earliest memory is being 2 and having  a migraine.   When I was in my teens/twenties I had them several times a week, but they got less after I had kids and got older.  I still get them about once every month or two.  No Rx helps and I've tried everything.   OTC excedrine migraine works (offbrand works too).  Seriously it is a lifesaver.    I get head pain, aura, nausea, and severe sound and light sensitivity.  I get stress, sinus, and eye strain headaches too, but they not even on the same scale as a migraine for me.  


Stupid, but HIGHLY effective migraine cure for the really bad ones is to run a hot bath and get in with a snorkel.   Lay on back with face entirely submerged and snorkel sticking up.  Have someone there to check you every bit to make sure you don't drown.  There is something about the weight of the water on your face that makes you want to slit you wrists less and makes the pain dim to bearable levels.   I usually take some pills then get in the water if it is a truly bad one.  

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Nausea, I forgot about that. Oh yeah. 


I had my first one at 13 and once a month thereafter. And sometimes a bonus one thrown in for good measure.  


I take Excedrin at the onset. If I take it early enough it seems to help a little bit. Excedrin has caffeine, aspirin and acetaminophen, a combination that is supposed to help. I can be sensitive to aspirin so I usually take Advil. It seems to help about as well. Especially the gel caps.


I have prescription Maxalt. It helps more than anything. But it raises my blood pressure, which I already have issues with. Plus, the last time I got it it was $150.00 for about 15 of them. It's probably less now. At the time I would measure my pain against the cost of the pill. 

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I have vestibular migraine which cause severe dizziness. Nothing works to stop them but I have eye auras before them so can be ready for it. I have sudden dizziness at other times that gives no warning but doesn’t last long but makes driving too dangerous.  I feel for you all.  :grouphug:

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Yes, and I hate them. I am bottles of excerdin stuffed everywhere, just so I will have it. Strong smells are the worst to trigger a migraine.  

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I have them everywhere too. Upstairs, downstairs, by my chair, by my bed, in the car, in my purse...everywhere. I bought the little bottles from the

dollar bins and refill them from a big Sams Club bottle. The those little dollar travel size containers are probably more than a dollar now.

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