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Has anyone heard from We2 or seen her around anywhere? A few weeks ago I sent her a PM and a week ago I sent her a personal email. I haven't heard anything from her. Very unusual. I'll admit it, I'm getting worried about her. Last visited April 19th. I just want to know if she and MrWe2 and Abby Girl are okay.   :scratchhead:

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12 hours ago, Littlesister said:

I hope everything is ok.  Maybe it is that they are at homestead and just busy or don't have internet. :pray: Praying they are doing ok.  


I believe she said that they would be spending more time there awhile back and spotty internet.  That is what I am praying is going on!

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WE2, just glad to see you are doing ok. I know now you have just been very busy and you guys are not sick. I know how tough it is trying to pack things up. I'm not moving but I am down sizing the house. I have a mess in garage with boxes for a fall yard sale, and other things I need to go through as I can get to it. Old age was not meant to be doing all this type of work.

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