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Product Review Survival Frog Tesla Arc Lighters

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Product Review:

Also, while on Survival Frog site, check out a very good improved model of lighters.  :campfire:   Electric, not liquid fuel.  I've had one for months now and used it to light our pellet stove to get used to it.  I'm VERY impressed especially in our high altitude/arid conditions which render the famous Zippo lighters useless [the fuel dries up].  These small devices [a bit larger than a Bic] have mini-port for charging the "plasma arc" that is the flameless lighter.  Works very well.  [don't stick your finger in it like my ever-courious brother did...he reports that OF COURSE that hurts!]  :rolleyes:   It's all in a fairly waterproof case with locking lid.   I lit our pellet stove for months this winter and the battery power didn't seem affected at all. 


BUT WAIT...there's more.  :lol:    It also has a small bright flashlight.  This will use up your battery WAAAAAY faster than lighting fires, btw but is still a very handly feature.  Has an attached cord to put around your neck or whatever but that cord material is the tinder material that can help with an emergency fire.  At the end of the neck cord is an emergency whistle.  It's very shrill....not certain how loud.  [Turn the thing sideways for better function.]




MtRider  :campfire: 

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