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one thing after another

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Everything just keeps coming at me. Our car had to be fixed $1600. Then I stepped out of my comfort zone went out for a job at work boss said go for it didn't even interview me gave it to someone else. Then my husband got sick he had 3 mini strokes. I again went out for a job at work one I have always wanted my boss said you had an excellent interview will let you know in a few days. I didn't get he gave it to a person from another school. I just don't know how much more I can take. I keep giving and giving and feels like my body is empty. It feels like my boss does not appreciate me. I have helped at the school this summer cleaning, painting 13 rooms 7 of the rooms by myself and he has not one time thanked me. I volunteered for this. He has thanked the other workers but not me. I have washed windows, walls, you name I have probably done. I usually don't care about that stuff but it hurts when he has not even acted like he has cared. I have given up all my time with my family for the school to make it look nice for the kids and staff and not once a thank you. Sorry I just needed to rant.

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