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Has anyone gotten notices about your utilities going up?  

Awhile back we got notice that our water is going up 25% but not the percentage for over how many years.  Now I got a notice that our electric is going up 45% over a 10 year period, That is an increase of 4.5% a month.  Cable has gone up 4 times in one year. haven't heard anything about gas yet. But I am sure it is coming. 

All this because we are now depended on other countries for oil. All these companies except cable depends on oil. So we are in deeper trouble than we think. 

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I haven't gotten any notices in either IN. or OH. over utility rates rising. Knowing them they will probably raise them up and not say anything. People will probably assume their electric has gone up because it's been hot and they've been running their air more. 



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We are with Dominion VA Power. Big company and also in several states. Not happy with things going up like they are. Even gas has gone up again, now $2.99. Haven't been to store in 2 weeks. Almost afraid to see what the prices are now.

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