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Death In The Family

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I was loading up the Jeep in Indiana getting ready to come home when my son called. My DIL's mother had just died. DIL and her aunt found her dead. We are assuming it was a heart attack. We are all devasted. She was such a sweet lady and I really liked her a lot. Son and DIL are lost right now. It will get worse before it gets better. Their world was turned upside down just that fast. She saw them nearly every day. My heart is breaking for them all but especially for my grandson. He doesn't understand the concept of not seeing her again yet. They were really close too.  :sad-smiley-012:


To make matters worse D-ex just arrived at their house this evening from out west. Not a good time for company. Son told me to come on home as there isn't anything I can do yet and I have to get my bills up to date over here. It would no doubt be awkward there right now. I will probably go back in a couple of days. What ever they decide will be fine with me. 


Prayers will be greatly appreciated for the family especially for the little one that I love so much.  


Thank You!   

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:pray: here too.  I will be thinking of them and of you as you all come to grips with this huge empty place in your lives.  Especially that little guy who is too young to need to go through this loss.  He might need you near more than ever now.  :hug3:

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Just a little update. 


The family is doing pretty well considering. Things are getting back to a new normal. Sons MIL had a very spoiled elderly dog that they are taking care of. They already had two dogs a cat and a tank full of fish. LOL Since Brody is old I told son that if he dies and Jr. doesn't see it, to tell him the dog went to live with his Aunt Shirley. Yeah it's a lie but he's had enough loss for awhile. I want him to know the wonders of heaven but I don't want him to be anxious to get there. Know what I mean. Son wasn't too sold on the idea. :pout:


The boy is somewhat reluctant to talk about his other grandma. I think he is afraid he will upset his mom. So, he asks for his dads phone and goes in another room and makes a video for them to watch later. I'm just glad he isn't holding it all in. Whatever works for him. 


He just finished a week of Vacation Bible School and regular school will start in a couple of weeks. Mom takes him to the library nearly every day. He is in some sort of summer book club there. They still go camping three weekends a month. So he is staying occupied. 


THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your kind thoughts and prayers!  :grouphug:

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