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To mask, or not to mask. That is the question....................... that the Gov't can't make up their mind about!

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Good information on "Tucker Carlson Tonight"






Pulled from the transcript:


turns out that the covid vaccines
those wonder drugs that were absolutely
perfect that were more impressive than
the moon landing the drugs you were not
allowed to question
in any way don't actually work
in the way they told us they did the
science is more complicated than we
there's still an awful lot we don't know
these are after all
experimental drugs and they're behaving
like it 


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Of course, the videos are now not accessible. :rolleyes:


I wonder what the psychological damage the wearing of masks will do. My two year old doesn't know that people didn't used to wear masks. He thinks it's normal. Whatever position people take on wearing them or not, the psychological aspect has to weigh in there somewhere, wouldn't you think? :shrug:

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Weigh, not way. Haha!
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Masks are quickly becoming the yellow star the Jews had to wear during WW2 - except now it is the opposite!

The mask is the symbol of enlightenment and caring; of "believing in the science;" of obeying the law (even though it is NOT a law at all).

But, more importantly, wearing the mask separates those who do from those who don't - ie - Trump "followers." They absolutely DO NOT WANT to be mistaken for Republicans, conservatives, Christians, or MAGAphiles! :blush:

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My sister lives in Mexico. She knows a bunch of people sick, or even dying there from (or with? :shrug:) Covid. Some vaccinated some not. Me? Middle of KS, and I don't know of anyone except someone that knows someone that knows someone.....and it's a light case.


I agree about the mask symbol, though. Bigger city around here is seeing more of them. They look at me like I'm not to be touched. *sigh* Such a sad world we live in.

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Just a few weeks ago my mom wore a mask in our small town grocery store.  No one was wearing them then {cuz they were safe  :happy0203:  with the vaxx, right?}..........so they assumed that she hadn't had the shot.  OTOH, she's in her 90's and wants to reduce catching anyone else's cooties - ANY version of cooties:  flu, cold, etc.  But someone muttered as he went by "get the jab!'  


:sigh:   Condemned if you do and Condemned if you don't!   Which means the world is full of the usual assortment of ill-mannered, ill-informed, illogical busy-bodies thinking "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME AND I GET TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!"  


MtRider  .....as if a majority of folks NEED an excuse to get surly and bossy!  :buttercup: 

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I read in the news yesterday that the City of Brotherly Love (Philly) will require all employees to wear TWO masks if they want to keep their jobs.    :0327:


There's a great research story about experiments done in the 1950's and decades beyond, using the same set up. (Peak Prosperity, Dr. Mortensen, YouTube). It talks about a rat that's put in a metal cage. Every once in awhile an electric shock is administered. The rat jumps and runs around the cage. Then it settles down and goes back to eating or sleeping. This continues for quite awhile. The rat never knows where the pain is coming from. Then another rat is introduced to the cage. After awhile the first rat thinks the shocks are somehow related to the second rat. It begins to attack the second rat every time the shock is administered. He never thinks to see if it's the researcher that's pushing all the buttons.  :whistling:


The moral of the story? It's not the people around you that are the problem. It's the conditioning from above that's turning us onto each other i.e. politicians, big pharma, doctors, and social media story scrubbers.  If it was put into a spiritual realm, it's satan stirring up God's little darlings to turn on each other ... us.


I am thankful I live in the boonies, away from the crazies. They are closing in on us though, and freedoms will continue to be eroded away at lightning speed. Keep your pantries full and your bills empty.  :grouphug:

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My FIL called today to tell us the kids couldn't visit for a while....his apartment manager has Covid. Ugh. She was in the office, mind you, but now they're worried and don't want kids around. My FIL is vaxxed.


I feel the squeeze coming in. I really should clean my basement.

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Masks do work.  Do they work 100%?  No, nothing really works at that level.  But, with proper masks and social distancing, transmission rates can be reduced significantly.  Here are three peer reviewed scientific studies if you are interested:





I live in California's Central Valley.  Currently, listed as the 16th most populous county in the state, Stanislaus County has the 4th highest percentage of Covid deaths.


The reason?  I'm guessing it's non-compliance with covid guidelines.   We also have one of the lowest vaccination rates in California.  Last month when our cases sky-rocketed and covid patients needing hospitalization were shipped out of our area to the Bay Area (significantly higher covid compliance guidelines rate), the county reinstated the mask mandate for everyone indoors.  People were okay about following it for about two weeks and then tapered off.  Now?  When I go to the pharmacy to pick up cancer meds for my dying Mother, NO ONE is wearing a mask.  I'm sorry, but if you are a pharmacist putting together prescriptions for sick people, shouldn't you at least attempt to protect those people you are trying to help?  Especially when you live/work in an area with a higher than normal infection and fatality rate?  The mask mandate is still in effect but few are following it.  Personally, if wearing a surgical mask will help the community when I'm popping into a store for a few groceries, it's seems a no brainer to wear one.

I'm not here to debate masks/vaccines, just wanted to throw another viewpoint into the mix.  






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