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I thought I'd start a thread on free downloads/materials for homeschooling.  


The Good and the Beautiful has a free download of Nature Poetry for Kids, 10 pages:



Nature Poetry for Kids is just part of the poetry in I Sat By the Sea, which is also available as a free download through The Good and the Beautiful's  Free Language Arts Curriculum for Level 3: https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/free-downloads/free-language-arts-level-3/

Their Levels 1-5 Language Arts are available as free downloads. https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/free-homeschool-language-arts/   It is available for purchase in the print version.  


I'm satisfied with what I'm using currently and will not be switching at this point,  but thought it might be helpful for someone else.   

I don't do ebooks and I don't typically print much out, but I did print our these poetry resources.   Poetry is so easy to integrate into homeschooling.   We get a lot of use out of the book Favorite Poems Old and New, but it was nice to get these collections as well.  DD likes the illustrations, too. 



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My oldest step granddaughter had really bad handwriting in school. The way we got her to be able to write really good was to get her into calligraphy.  We bought her the calligraphy set of pens and she loved it.  Her handwriting improved 100% after a few months of writing. 

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