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President's speech today

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From the Tenth Amendment Center



"The magistrate in whom the whole executive power resides cannot of himself make a law”

A good reminder for today - and every day of the year - from James Madison, writing in Federalist No. 47.

But telling politicians to "read the Constitution," or follow what Madison had to say - isn't really effective. And Madison himself recognized this as well.  In Federalist No. 48, he wrote:

"A mere demarcation on parchment of the constitutional limits of the several departments, is not a sufficient guard against those encroachments which lead to a tyrannical concentration of all the powers of government in the same hands."

In short - constitutions don't enforce themselves.

As Thomas Jefferson put it in 1798, “where powers are assumed which have not been delegated a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”

This echoed what John Dickinson wrote in a November 1765 broadside urging resistance to the hated Stamp Act.

“IF you comply with the Act by using Stamped Papers, you fix, you rivet perpetual Chains upon your unhappy Country.”

In his broadside, Dickinson explained why - precedent:

“You unnecessarily, voluntarily establish the detestable Precedent, which those who have forged your Fetters ardently wish for, to varnish the future Exercise of this new claimed Authority.” [emphasis added]

Future Supreme Court Justice James Iredell put it this way in the North Carolina Ratifying Convention:

The only resource against usurpation is the inherent right of the people to prevent its exercise. This is the case in all free governments in the world. The people will resist if the government usurp powers not delegated to it. [emphasis added]

Notice he didn’t consider resistance a mere “good idea,” or a potential solution. Iredell - like Jefferson - considered it essential, the “only resource” in response to usurpation - an exercise of powers not delegated in the Constitution.

Founder after founder repeated the same strategy for dealing with government overreach - Theophilus Parsons, Archibald Maclaine, James Otis, Benjamin Franklin - and many others. 

At the end of the day - it's not liberty if it comes with a government permission slip. 

Thomas Jefferson may have summed it up best:

"A free people claim their rights, as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their chief magistrate"

There’s a basic lesson here. We the people need to learn how to exercise our rights whether the government wants us to or not


Please consider joining the TAC today. Memberships start at just 2 bucks a month - we make every single dollar go a long, long way in support of the Constitution and liberty. https://shop.tenthamendmentcenter.com/

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I’m not making any physical changes to our way of prepping as I did most of that a couple years ago due to age and illness.  I AM doing a lot more mental prepping. I am reassessing our abilities ( or in-abilities/disabilities) and planning ways around them in many different circumstances.  These types of preps are free but may prove invaluable in the future.  

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21 hours ago, Joyfilled said:

Does is change anything for you today? Will you prep anything else, anything more urgent, anything different?




I am seriously considering reducing the amount of some of my Rx's to make sure I have "enough" to get me through until this joker is GONE, or he has been nullified by the SCOTUS as being seriously outside of the scope of his Constitutional powers.


It might get a bit "dicey" though since some of them are heart meds and others are diabetic control ones. The diabetes meds can actually be more "forgiving" if I pay more attention to my diet and stay seriously KETO. I would like to think that the glucose strips would still remain covered, but if I can't get the meds I may not be able to get the test strips. I already have an inexpensive "back-up" meter and some test strips for it, but I would really prefer to not have to start using them, but I will if I have to. I already have an oximeter and a BP cuff and they are not "consumable" items that need accessories to be useful.


The ones that "worry" me the most are the Xarelto (which prevents blood clots) and the Carvedilol which is supposed to keep my AFib under control. The pacemaker still has about 7-8 years of battery life (I hope), so I am not worried about falling back into a very slooooooooooooooooooow heartbeat. I'm thinking I can stagger the Xarelto into every other day, and the Carvedilol into once/day instead of twice.


I already have a massive supply of cushions and tubes for my CPAP, so if I am not able to get the Rx renewed (yearly) I can still use the machine. I am also working on getting a good supply of incontinence pads to have in stock - mostly the overnight ones (gravity is not my friend in the morning). :blush:



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I've done the same thing Midnightmom. I take three B.P. meds, one pre-diabetes and a cholesterol med. All prophylactic meds. If I miss a dose or two it won't matter so much. I started doing that over a year ago. Now I have a good supply of meds. When I get a script filled I use the older ones first and save the new scrips. That way even the older meds are new-ish. Plus I'm able to get three months of meds 4 times a year. Not all insurance companies will do that though. 





I've also got a lot of 'diagnostic' testing equipment. I didn't realize what I had until I was organizing the stuff last week. The last thing I got was a nebulizer. Seems like breathing issues are a major problem these days and will be for awhile. Covid and it's relatives. I'm thinking of getting a room oxygen exchanger thingy too. Wish I had a mercury thermometer. The newer ones aren't reliable. Battery ones even less. 

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We don't know what to expect. Hubby says he's not worried about it affecting him, but I don't know how many employees his company has. The thing is, if this happens, you know that they won't stop there. Power grabbing is addicting. I foresee them asking for proof of vaccination for shopping, restaurants, etc. So we're thinking....if we couldn't shop, what would we need? Fresh fruits and veggies. Milk and milk products....(although, if we end up with a milking cow, that will be taken care of).


Hubby is having me look at getting supplies for our girls as they grow older. We use cloth napkins, and have lots of handkerchiefs. Toilet paper is something that would eventually run out, but....I can't bite the bullet and go zero waste on it. I feel like we need to prep better for that.


Also....we would like to talk to our pastor about things. I think they'll find a way to go after churches, too.


What a crazy, crazy time we live in. May God help us remain faithful.

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I heard more mandates are coming. Ummmm.....what do they want? Another civil war? Do you think it will come to that?


Has anyone else heard about that?


I just watched some bureaucrat in Nigeria (I think) say that people won't be able to go to church (I assume he means the building, not the people), bars, etc. unless they show proof of vaccination. Imagine that. A sign at a church building that says: come to Me all ye who are weary....but show your vaccine passport first. :blink:


May God help us.

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Whew! Let's all just take a deep breath, a relax (a little). 

According to this article, these new mandates on requiring the "jab" are not going to be enforced tomorrow, or next week, or maybe even next month. You still have time to make decisions and prepare for what might or might not happen. Making major life decisions based on incomplete information, or patently false information, can be disastrous. Let's not be so easily let down that path. :grouphug:

I like the last paragraph and hope that it is true for most Americans. 



Huh? Biden's Vax Mandates Not Starting Until .... 'Fall of 2022'?

 Keely Sharp  September 10, 2021

As President Joe Biden is attempting to implement an authoritarian rule, former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb believes that the vaccine mandate policy would not go into effect until the fall of 2022.


He appeared on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Frida and explained that the process to issue the guidelines and handling challenges in court means that the mandate is  “probably something for the fall of 2022 work season.”


“I think that the other measures that they took, certainly the issues with … the mandates related to the federal workforce and even the mandates on health care workers probably fall more squarely in the purview of what the federal government can do,” Gottlieb said. “I think the controversial part of this, and the part that’s going to get challenged, is the mandate on businesses with 100 or more employees. So, let’s unpack that. They have to go through a rule-making process. OSHA has to issue a rule. Even if they don’t direct a final rule, assuming OSHA hasn’t started doing that yet, and I suspect they haven’t. The White House probably announced this ahead of any rulemaking because they wouldn’t have wanted it to leak. That’s going to be a weeks-long process, and perhaps a month-long process or longer.”



He continued, “It’s probably going get challenged in court. End even if you’re able to implement the rule, they’re going to have to issue guidance on how businesses implement that and give some kind of grace period to get that into effect,” he added. “So, best case, as a practical measure, this is probably going to be a tool or policy that affects the fall of 2022 — certainly not going to be implemented in time for this Delta wave. By the summertime, I believe prevalence is going to decline, so we’re not really going to be reaching for a mandate. So, this is probably something for the fall of 2022 work season.”


He also predicted that the mandate won't get the country over a 90% vaccination rate. Which I would agree with, considering there are 80 million people who have chosen not to get it. Trying to force us to get it will only make us angry, not compliant


Video of the interview:


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I had pretty much stopped prepping back about 2 years ago when Dh got really bad off. Now things for me has changed. I have not been stocking food as I have so much of it here now that I need to use up.  As for the garden, I didn't plant much other than tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and egg plants. I sold most of it to the market and gave some to neighbors. Just wasn't into getting anything canned since Dh passed. Just having a hard time moving forward with anything now.  Though now as I have been watching Fox news and some on line news, I am not sure where to start in prepping now. Something is going to happen, but the question is what and when. N. Korea is at it again with missiles as he just shot off another one that went 900 miles out I think. War is on the horizon. Rather it will be world war, an attack on Israel, or civil war here, I need to figure out now how to prepare. Yes food and water are the 2 main things. I am working on heat now as well as having the well redone. Need to go to a camper place to get a food grade hose. I am going to have the well done as an electric pump but also a pump I can do to pump water with no electricity. I know I need to move from where I am but just not ready for that move. Maybe it is still just to soon for me to make that decision. Either way, I need to get the house in order before I can sell this one and move out of VA. So right now I have been just trying to grow closer to the Lord and ask for his guidance as to what I should do. I feel that I will be protected and that he is with me. So doing a lot of praying and Bible reading about all of this.  As for the vaccine, there are no mandates that will get me to take it. I now have a card that my doctor got from the CDC and signed off on by doctors. But it will not mean anything under the Biden administration.  I really do want to know the why behind his demanding everyone be vaccinated. I have my speech ready if they come knocking on my door.  If Harris, Pielosi, and Biden said they will not get it under Trump, then why should I get it under Biden. Why do they keep saying the unvaccinated are the ones spreading this virus when it is in fact the illegals coming in from the borders and they are spreading this virus but it is ok for them to not be tested or get the vaccine. There are a lot of unanswered questions about this. In one country already people coming in and have the measles. So they stopped letting them in. I can't think of the name of that country right now, but sure someone else has heard about it. 

Just need to get my act together and figure things out. To old to do a lot of hard work to get prepared. But doing what I can when the notion strikes.  I have loads of my medications that I take as I have been skipping anyway when Dh was sick. Not on purpose but because I would be taken care of his needs and forgot about mine. I am paying for that now. A1C was high and B/P was up as well. So now trying to get all that under control.  

Please be careful how you skip taken meds that you are depended on. If you trust your doctors to do so, the doctor I worked for would double the mg's and I would just cut them in half. He had to put it on record that I was taken 100 mg when in fact I was only taken 50 mgs of a med. But it gave me 180 days of meds that was filled every 90 days. So that was how I got ahead on the meds I take. Not all doctors will do that and now with electronic records, if you go into a hospital they will think you are taken double the mg and give you the wrong dose. So doctors may not do call in double mg's now because they could get caught and get in trouble. 

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15 hours ago, Midnightmom said:

Whew! Let's all just take a deep breath, a relax (a little). 

According to this article, these new mandates on requiring the "jab" are not going to be enforced tomorrow, or next week, or maybe even next month. You still have time to make decisions and prepare for what might or might not happen. Making major life decisions based on incomplete information, or patently false information, can be disastrous. Let's not be so easily let down that path. :grouphug:

I like the last paragraph and hope that it is true for most Americans. 



Video of the interview:


Ohhhh....I don hope this is true! I hope and trust so, anyway. I guess we'll find out, but yes, it does give me a breathe....thank you!! :)

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Since DH and I have been "in seclusion" for a month......broken only by taking dog in to the vet and a quick fresh food shopping trip 2 days ago, we know it's possible to choose that instead.  We've been getting a look at how being voluntarily sequestered might work....and the problems that will come up.  Going to post on that soon. 


MtRider    I heard:  members of Congress are exempt?  Is that true?  :tapfoot:  They exempt themselves from too much, me thinks! 

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On 9/12/2021 at 11:47 PM, Littlesister said:

But it will not mean anything under the Biden administration.  I really do want to know the why behind his demanding everyone be vaccinated.

So far, the House, Senate, White House, and Post Office employees will be exempt. That leaves us.  :0327:   The Post Office can be the dirtiest place to work and spread germs. However, they will be needed for mail-in ballots in future elections.   :tapfoot:


I think the Measles media story was from the Afghan refugees arriving in Wisconsin at Ft. McCoy.  It's only about 50 miles north of us. If you're as old as me, you've had all the childhood diseases already.   :24:

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I heard about the measles outbreak. I to have had all those diseases. Not worried about it. And children are of course vaccinated from it. On the other hand, the corvid vaccine is another ball of wax.  I am now finding out that over 200'00 have died from the vaccine. That does not count the ones that have injuries from it.  I was told now by 2 people that women are now having trouble with their periods and it has stopped. Sporatic ones and that they might not be able to get preg. The teenagers are starting to show signs of heart disease. I guess Bill Gates will win with killing off the population as is what he wants. This vaccine is a bio threat against we the people. I don't see any other way of putting it.

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