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Order NOW for Christmas!

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I really like this guys parodies. BUT...


This is all sad but true. I wanted one more bucket of Augason Farms red wheat. Had to be Augason Farms so all of my food buckets would match and look pretty lined up for the next 30 years. :gaah: I'm 69.4 years old. Never mind that I'll 100 years old when they reach their 'sell by' date .  :sEm_blush:


Anyway, I waited and waited for it to come back in stock. When it did I had to time my order just right so it would arrive before I went to Indy and not sit on the front porch while I was gone. I placed the order with 3 days to spare. Long story short, I got a notice saying it was delayed. Two different times. They gave the option to cancel the order but I had already waited for it to come in stock. It did come while I was gone but no one bothered it. 


That 2 day shipping means less and less. I'm going to start looking at Lincoln Logs to put away soon I guess. 

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We have most of our Christmas gifts bought....more than anything because of inflation. Also, availability. The only problem with this is that in spite of me having lists of what we got for who, I still end up buying a little something here and a little something there....so now I have too many! :blink::lol: My kids wouldn't mind, but we do. I can always store stuff for birthdays, too....not a bad idea! :)

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On 9/11/2021 at 8:34 PM, Midnightmom said:

This is a "fun" way to be informed about supply chain issues and delivery of ordered goods.



I listened to this with the kids....this was great!! Thanks for sharing. Will pass it on for sure!

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First Toys R Us closed down and had massive sales. Then K-Mart closed down and also had massive sales. Even though g-son was only a few months old, I hit the toy section hard with most things between 50% and 75% off. Mostly games, books, educational things, arts and crafts and outside toys. Both my DIL and I have been Christmas 'shopping' from that closet for the past 5 years. Some of the games are adult like Monopoly, Life etc. so I see us 'shopping' from that closet for a few more years to come. Adult games will be good 'Grid Down' entertainment too. Along with the Rolling Stones-opoly and the Rolling Stones Trivial Persuit and Rollimg Stones jigsaw puzzles for Grandma. Oh, and the Rolling Stones coloring books. Yes I did.  :24:  

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