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South Africa, Canada And Australia Point Of View

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I think a lot of us have heard how bad Australia has gotten. But what is true and what is an exaggeration? I was watching a small Youtuber the other night and he had three guests on from Canada, South Africa and Australia.


I was surprised by what the Aussie had to say. It was eye opening to hear it from the horses mouth and from a regular person living there. It's about 1hr. 15min. long but what she said that stunned me is at the 20:40 and at the 28:40 mark. She also mentioned that the truckers are on strike over there. The audio isn't great but you can turn on the closed captions and read along. 


The entire video is very interesting and hammered home the fact that this isn't just an American problem but a global one. The whole world is in on this. What ever 'this' is. 


International Prepper Conference 2021 | Australia | South Africa | Canada | United States Ep: 1 - YouTube


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I have a friend in Australia who I speak to regularly.   He is a paramedic.  They are totally locked down over there.  It is a bit crazy. He isn't even allowed to go to the next county as far as travel.  

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I live in the UK, a lot of grocery stores have empty spaces on their shelves, a lot of people are blaming this on brexit though it has nothing to do with the UK detaching itself from the European dictatorship.

Whilst it is true the EU are making things difficult for truck drivers leaving European ports to return back to the UK there are problems with illegals stowing away in the back of trucks, The drivers are fined 10.000pounds per stowaway, these illegals contaminate the goods being brought back by urinating and defeacating on the goods which has to be garbaged.

My brother in-law drives trucks for Aldis he works a 8 day shift with 4 days off since the advent of covid drivers are expected to work 16 days working then 8 days off, but what is happening is day 2 of their time off they are getting called back into work, they are exhausted my brother in law now goes to their trailer in the Lake District as there is no cell phone reception and his boss can't get hold of him demanding him to work. This past couple of months 14 drivers have handed their notice in. Other drivers are either thinking of buying holiday let's in areas without cell phone reception or handing their notice in as well. They have asked for a pay rise and been told they are easy to replace, yet they still have vacancies for  the 14 drivers who quit.

This problem is not exclusive to Aldis all stores are suffering similar problems.

My nephew is a bus driver and is saying the same thing there is a shortage of drivers, many of the drivers were from the EU and have returned to there home countries.

In my area there is issues getting refuge and recycling bins emptied because of a shortage of drivers, i hope they can sort things out soon, as the same garbage truck drivers drive the gritter trucks, and snow plows not that we get much snow in winter, it will be just our luck we have a hard winter.

A article in the express paper dated 30th of August states Germany, Spain and Italy are all experiencing driver shortages. Would have liked to give a link to this article but I'm using a tablet and have no idea how to do this.

The media is constantly reporting there will be shortages for Christmas which is going to cause panic buying and price gouging when people realise little Joey can't have his mountain of Christmas presents. Perhaps now is the time to start your gift shopping.


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Thank you all for reporting in. I love hearing from other countries. Especially from people who really know what is going on and not some 'news' media with an agenda leaning left or right. I was hoping we could hear from England. They have been such a good ally of ours. I read many years ago that Great Britain imports over half of their food. I just looked it up. It's over 55%.  I just saw where Hawaii imports 90% of it's food. Mt. Rider, can that be correct? :pray:


I hope we can hear from France too. They seem to be pretty vocal and upfront. 


We truly are in this together.    :grouphug: 

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:hi:  Ro2935.  I second what Jeepers says.  It certainly widens our view to hear from other parts of our own countries and better from all over our globe.  Hope you can get that Brexit sorted out.......and that we  :americanflag:  can get our rather colossal mess sorted too. 


Jeepers, ......I'm gonna say that it might be true.  Until the sugar cane monopoly on land use crashed just after we left, there wasn't much agri land available.  Tourism took over so completely that Hawai'i imported bananas from South America just like much of the rest of the world.  .....and you'd panic at the price!!  In the past several years, I hear and read more and more about an increase of resident mahi'ai....small farmers growing for Hawai'i.  They have all those restaurants which love fresh veggies, greens, etc.  Lets the chefs experiment with local foods.  Residents are able to find more and more local grown foods too.  But....I'm not sure it's moved past the fresh veggies, herbs, fruits, etc.  They had Haleakala Dairy......home of POG  [Passion Fruit, Orange Juice, Guava] .   I haven't heard but I hope it's still there.  I knew while there that the islands would be up a "crick" if Madson shipping ever stopped for any reason. 


MtRider  :lois:  

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