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Measuring Tape...did you know?


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Okay, I've used several of these.  I've wondered about that black diamond.  Really never noticed a couple. 


:scratchhead:  But that "slide rule" trick.....lost me.  We were the last generation to use slide rules, I think.  But I wasn't in any math/science to use one.   I've always said tho, if I ever see one, I'll grab it.  Post Hooey....it might become a really valuable relic. 


MtRider  :lol: 

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Who'd a thunk it. I knew about some of them but not all of them. I like the idea of that hole on the hook to slide over a nail head. I could have used that trick a number of times. Last year I got a laser tape measure. It's regular tape and also a laser measurer. I love that thing for measuring long rooms and decks etc. when I'm by myself. I can highly recommend it. 

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DH's job is basically measuring stuff.   We have so many tape measures.   He loves his laser measure and usually uses that on everything;  I'd second the recommendation.  


One time, DH pulled out his micrometer (measures to .001mm or .000039in), pointed it at my head and told me he was measuring my patience.      

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Laser measures are great. Dh had 2 of them. I still haven't gone through all of his things. It has been 7 months today and I am in no hurry to go through the tools, etc. And I just have to much other stuff to get done. But yes, that laser is great, I have even used it a few times. 

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