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Another Cousin Died Today

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Seems like a lot of illness and deaths have hung around my family lately. Today I got a call from one cousin saying that one of our other cousins had died. She had been in assisted living for about 3 years with full on dementia. She was a very lovely and quiet woman.  She used to always remind me that she gave me my first toy when I was born. A little giraffe. She was probably around 10 years at that time. When we would see each other I'd always whisper in her ear..."Hi mom" she would always whisper back, "Hi daughter" Such a sweet secret memory between us. She was close to my mothers age and she looked so much like her and sounded just like her with a soft voice. My own mother died when I was 18 years old so she really did help keep my mom's memory alive because I could still see what my own mom would look like and sound like decades later.


Through my cousin Connie I was able to steal a glimpse and a sound of my mother from 50 years ago. 


She did have one especially bright feather in her cap that she was proud of. Her only daughter (the baby in the family) is married to the mayor of Indianapolis. He is such a great guy that we all decided to forgive his politics.  LOL


Rest peacefully sweet cousin.




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I’m sorry for your loss, Jeepers.  Both for your cousin and for the reminders of your Mother.  Thankfully those memories still linger? :hug3:

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Thank you ladies! She was a sweet lady and very soft spoken. Like my own mother, I never heard either one of them raise their voice or say a cuss word. Not even poop. LOL. Her daughter is the same way and in my opinion looks so much like her mom. I'll miss her but wouldn't wish her back.   



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