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....unexpectedly went Home to be with her Savior. She had a heart attack early last week, and was able to get to a hospital. They ran a few tests, discovered 3 of her arteries were clogged, and needed open heart surgery. It was scheduled for last Friday. Dad and I were with her right before the surgery, prayed with her, kissed her goodbye and went to the waiting area. We were full of hope that she was going to be feeling so much better when she came out (other than the surgery itself). They said they got her on the table and her heart slowed down, then just stopped. They were able to bring her heart back, but not enough. Half an hour later, doctor recommended they stop, as she would be a vegetable from lack of oxygen. Dad agreed.  This also happened to be my Dad's birthday.


She was one of my best friends, she was my confidant, my partner in mischief and my prayer warrior. She helped me so much and encouraged me in my life. She was a powerful prayer warrior and was sold out for Christ. I'm thankful beyond words for the influence she had in my life and my family.


And I miss her, so very much. <3

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I’m so very sorry, Joyfilled.  You and your family are in my prayers.  :hug3:

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I'm so very sorry to hear about your Dear Mother Joyfilled! That must have been such a shock. I know you will miss her desperately. Especially during canning time. Sending you peaceful, strengthening prayers.    


:pray:     :hug3:     :pray: 

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Thank you, everyone....my family and I appreciate your love and prayers.


I'm still so very sad. My sister from Mexico is here, the other one (and hubby) and the rest of my family from Mexico arrive early next week. It's going to be a FULL house (7 of us and 9 of them). I pray this is a special time, where we can lean on each other, but especially on Christ.


Thank you all again....:grouphug:

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