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Chux Pads For Other Messy Issues


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I got sucked down the DIY craft rabbit hole. I don't know why I was there. I don't have time for crafts right now and I have no where to put anything else if I did. But there I was. TWO. HOURS. LATER. 


What I noticed was she was using a Chux pad on top of her table. She was doing some messy painting and gluing and glittering. The plastic backing and absorbent top was keeping the mess contained.


They would be nice to use in a garage to lay greasy, oily auto/engine parts on while working on machinery. I sure could have used that tip when son was doing a brake job on his car in my garage. 


Puppy pee pads would work as well too. Which ever one would be the cheapest. I usually just use newspapers but they aren't moisture proof. Or absorbent. Glitter would stick to the pad a little bit too instead of sliding off of newspaper. 


A quick check at Amazon has them at 15 cents each if bought in bulk. Plus they can be used for their original purpose too. 

Amazon.com: Dynarex Disposable Underpad, 17 Inches X 24 Inches, 100 Count : Health & Household

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Jeepers, an excellent tip.  DIY craft rabbit hole!  Must be the time of year here in the Midwest with winter just around the corner.  DH and I spent an hour …or so…. In Hobby Lobby yesterday looking for a few projects we can work on together.  With both of us having hand issues we didn’t find much that would work.  On top of that we already have more craft supplies than we could use in years.  Was just thinking of looking to YT for ideas that might utilize what we already have.  And I DO have Chux pads. :cheer:

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I did have some, but after Dh passed my daughter took those to use for her wildlife stuff. :gaah:They have a lot of uses. I need to buy more, but will have to hide them in attic this time. She has always done that. She sees something I have that she thinks I won't need anymore and off to her car she goes with it. But at least now she lives in another state, so she will just have to buy her own from now on. But will hide them when I know she's coming here.

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I have plenty of chux pads from opened boxes. Charity shop only wants unopened boxes. I have been scratching my head on what to do with them. There's only SO MUCH room in the closet for potential supplies.


We do have a lot of touch-up painting to do around here and those chux pads would work great on the floor.  Thanks for taking that rabbit hole journey for us.  :grouphug:

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Turn it upside down if you need to soak something up from your carpet...for example if your dog pees on the carpet INSTEAD of the pee pad....stand on it until it’s not soaking anything else up. You’ll be able to tell because it’ll remain dry.

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