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Christmas Ornament Sent and Received 2021

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Just in here quick to post this thread.   


Hope you are all getting them done.      I know what I am making but until I get the Craft Fair things done, I won't be working on the ornaments.  

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12 hours ago, Annarchy said:

Sorry I couldn’t join this year, but I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. 


Me too!  I would never have gotten them done!  But hope to see photos!

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Not able to do this this year, but I am looking forward to being able to do this next year. I don't think I have ever done this before but do hope that things will have calmed down by next year and I can do this. It sounds like fun. I am not really into the holidays this year as it is now that Dh won't be with me.  But am working on moving ahead in the future to do a lot of things on my own. 

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I got my ornament from Pauline.     Thank you so much.    Love it.   


I'm sure happy I got mine out, hope you have all gotten them by now.    


Midnightmom, we all understand.    :)



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Well ok so I was probably the first one that finsihed her ornaments and will be the last one to send them out. We just returned from vacation and I guess what I found on my computer table...my cards waiting to be mailed. I thought I mailed them before we left. OOPS. I will get them in the mail this afternoon or first thing tomorrow. Laundry is going right now. 

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Took mine to the post office today. Hopefully you will be getting them soon. :bouquet:


USPS tracking numbers by destination:

  • Pampa, TX - 9500 1143 5143 1337 4974 86
  • Stockton, UT - 9500 1143 5143 1337 4974 93
  • Suffolk, VA -  9500 1143 5143 1337 4975 09
  • Park Rapids, MN -  9500 1143 5143 1337 4975 16 

(Copy and paste your tracking number into the search box at USPS.com)

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