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Dogs and illness

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...and I don't mean color...as in Chocolate Lab.  :grinning-smiley-044:


Here is a link for a Chocolate Toxicity Calculator.  It's quite specific.  { I wouldn't know how accurate it is, however } 




This is the article that refers to that calculator.  Talks about what you'd need for antidote





MtRider  .....file under J.I.C.  :pc_coffee:

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The owners of the open air historic village I worked at found out how serious chocolate can be for dogs. We had thousands of visitors each year for this event and one year ‘Father Christmas’’ was giving out gold foil wrapped chocolate ‘coins’. The owner’s dog was enjoying bites of chocolate from a lot of the visitors and within a few hours of the festival starting they were rushing him to the vet. He lived but we all learned a valuable lesson.  

I knew exactly how that dog felt.  I am severely allergic to chocolate and had a couple ER visits to find it out.  

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