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A Countertop Composter!

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May not work in a grid down situation, but is a good alternative for container gardens, flower pots, window planters, etc. 

And...........you don't have to go outside and physically turn the compost pile!

Pricing info is at the bottom of the page.




How Does Lomi Work?

September 27, 2021


Composting is the process by which organic matter (like food and yard waste) is decomposed. When allowed to happen naturally, composting can take weeks or even months. Lomi speeds up this process, creating the perfect environment for microorganisms to thrive while quickly breaking down waste into usable, nutrient-rich soil-like compost


Lomi features three pre-set programs: Grow, Eco-Express, and Lomi-Approved. Each program includes three stages of composting, wherein the waste is exposed to perfectly balanced moisture, warmth, and oxygen levels to speed up natural decomposition. Oxygen plays a particularly important role here. Aerobic decomposition (which is achieved by oxygen-dependent microbes) is one of the most efficient and speedy ways of composting, plus, it helps keep nasty smells at bay.


Now, let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty of how Lomi works.

How Lomi Works Physically

Smaller pieces of organic waste will break down more quickly than larger pieces, which is why every Lomi pre-set program includes a grinding cycle. Lomi physically breaks down the food into smaller pieces, making it easier for microorganisms to begin digesting the waste. Grinding also helps to aerate the compost, increasing oxygen and helping to create a healthy environment for oxygen-dependent microbes. 


If you were composting in a traditional outdoor compost bin, you would need to manually turn your compost to provide enough oxygen. Lomi does all of this for you and has a series of sophisticated sensors to help enhance environmental conditions. 

How Lomi Works Chemically LOMI_SOIL_1_1024x1024.gif?v=1632524609

All foods contain microorganisms that work to chemically decompose food waste. These microbes consume organic matter and oxygen to fuel their growth and produce nutrients like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur as waste decomposes. These nutrients are what make compost so valuable since plants need these to grow and survive. 


To increase the efficiency of the naturally occurring microbes in your food waste, Lomi also makes additives that include a proprietary blend of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. When added to food waste, Lomi additives can significantly increase the rate of decomposition and improve the quality of the final compost.

Stages of Composting

There are three key phases of composting. During each phase, a different community of microorganisms takes over. Here’s a simple overview of how each phase works: 

Phase 1: Mesophilic Microorganisms Dominate

Mesophilic microorganisms are microbes that thrive in moderate temperatures and work to break down easily dissolved waste using enzymes. As the mesophilic microorganisms break down the most readily degradable compounds, the chemical change naturally produces additional heat. 

Phase 2: Thermophilic Microorganisms Take Over

As temperatures rise, the second phase of decomposition begins and the mesophilic microorganisms are replaced by thermophilic microorganisms. Thermophilic microorganisms are happiest in high temperatures. High temperatures are also ideal for breaking down protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates. The thermophilic microorganisms remain dominant until the supply of fats, protein, and carbs is used up. 

Phase 3: Mesophilic Microorganisms Return

Once the thermophilic microorganisms complete their work, temperatures begin to drop and mesophilic microorganisms take over again. The mesophiles complete the process of breaking down the remaining organic material and transform the mixture into mature and stable compost. 

How To Use Lomi Compost


Unlike other home composting systems, which require you to mix the final product with soil or dilute it with water before using, Lomi compost can be used immediately! Rather than producing a concentrated sludge or immature muddy compost, Lomi creates a soil-like product that is super rich in nutrients. Lomi compost can be added directly to house plants, used to enrich garden bed soil, or used wherever you need soil


Want to try Lomi for yourself? Reserve yours today.





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That is very interesting.  I came across another very interesting way to compost.  Though much more costly at $359 plus shipping  it does a whole lot more than just compost. It uses worms to compost your scraps, grows fifty plants organically (even inside with extra lights), fertilizes them automatically, and provides worm tea and compost for extra fertilizing and  watering them or other plants, and worms for whatever.  Fishing?  Selling? Gifting?  It is not without totally automatic like an aero garden or one of those but the plants are soil grown, organic, and fresh.  





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That would be perfect in my garage with grow lights.  Right now my plan is to start seeds in garage and grow herbs and some other veggies in garage as soon as I can get things set up before spring.  Have been looking into grow lights for a few months now. Though the large windows in garage will bring in a lot of sunlight as well. Just have to get plans together. 

That garden tower is not cheap, but is a wonderful idea. 

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23 minutes ago, Littlesister said:

That garden tower is not cheap, but is a wonderful idea

Be sure to read how this system work.  It gives a real look into the symbiosis of the system.  It really appeals to the permaculturist in me.  Love it when all works together to make the individual better. 

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