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The History of the AMERICAN Celebration known as Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving. Here is an article detailing the history of the AMERICAN celebration of Thanksgiving.

The link will take you to the website where it is published (The Patriot Post) and there will be a PDF version at the bottom of the page.




The History and Legacy of Our National Thanksgiving01EXHNDMYY4GB01H3Y5274M6MA.jpg?w=975



Thanksgiving, as introduced by European explorers and settlers in the New World, was a time set aside specifically for the purpose of giving thanks to our Creator for His manifold blessings.


. . . the contemporary celebration of Thanksgiving across our nation has its roots in the first “harvest feast” celebrated in 1621 by religious refugees, Pilgrims, who established the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in the year 1620. According to the fact that most history books following the War Between the States were written by Northern historians, it is that iconic event which is most directly associated with the current traditions for our national Day of Thanksgiving.

(Topics include:)

  • The Pilgrims
  • A Brutal First Winter
  • The First Harvest Thanksgiving Feast
  • The Collectivist Plantation Plan
  • The Free Enterprise Plan
  • The Pilgrims’ Legacy of Civil Liberty
  • Historic Thanksgiving Proclamations
  • Thanksgiving and our Legacy of Liberty
  • Thanksgiving Resources


The History and Legacy of Our National Thanksgiving _ The Patriot Post.pdf


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