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Free beekeeping course for military veterans

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I'm not sure where to put this link to Michigan State University, but I'll start here.   :thumbs:  MSU began an extensive beekeeping college course several years ago and has continued to expand the program. It went from 500 students to 8,000 this year. They would be able to accommodate more but the institution's software only handles 8,000 ... for now. It's called Heroes to Hives. 


The course is offered to military veterans and comprises 9 modules. Each one is geared for monthly study. With my mom in such bad shape for so many months, I put it on the back burner. Now, I'm in a marathon to get it completed by the end of the year in order to get the credits.  :whistling:  Thankfully I have learned most of the content from years of beekeeping. The course is worth over $1,500 and has been a huge blessing for returning veterans especially from wartime (PTSD) It's very calming and the guys love the new hobby. They can raise the bees by themselves, and the bees are much more predictable than humans, and much more orderly.     :sorry:


Here's the link in case you know a military veteran who might benefit from extensive beekeeping training.   https://www.canr.msu.edu/courses/heroes-to-hives


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Funny you posted that today. I was at Lehman's yesterday and they have one of those hives that is made of plexiglass (I think) and you can watch the bees going about their bee business. There is a clear plastic hose going from the hive through the wall to the outside. Of all the times I've been there, that is the first time I ever saw it.  :scratchhead:


One of our old landlords had a similar set up on his kitchen bar. It was fascinating to watch. He was an Eagle Scout leader and into those sort of things. 



I just saw some of these on Google. I think they are pretty. 

indoor beehive - Google Search


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I've always thought about those indoor observation hives.   :whistling:  I'm not sure what the bees do in the wintertime up north. The warmth in the room would trigger them to continue going outdoors and gather pollen and nectar. DH said I could have one, but ... we'll see.   :thumbs:


I do miss visiting and buying at Lehman's.  :yar:

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