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Lettuce take a bite of this 'humor'....


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Do you have a source for the second statement?  I've lost 6 friends to Covid.  The first 5 before there was a vaccine available.  The 6th was reluctant to take the vaccine because of anti-science, conspiracy memes on facebook.  She is dead now and missed meeting her first grandchild by 5 weeks. 


Fully vaxxed and boosted and proud to be able to help protect those I love by being vaccinated.  Maybe those of you in less populated rural areas don't have as much to worry about but for those of us in urban areas, Covid hit and hit hard.  


If you've done your research (peer-reviewed scientific studies not conspiracy bs like Steve Quayle spouted while he was in the hospital for Covid) then okay.  But if you are doing your research from memes and Coast-to-Coast interviews, please expand your knowledge base.  The lives of those you love may one day depend upon your research.  


Sorry for getting serious in the humor section but Covid isn't funny.  If you want an eye-opener, visit r/HermanCainAward over on reddit.  Covid isn't funny.

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As I said, this isn't entirely humor.  Perhaps putting it here was my error.  It's meant to make people think!  There have been VAST degrees of illogical decisions and proclamations in this crisis. 


My only advice to you....and my daughters...is to look further into the research that might not be as "peer-reviewed" as you are told.  My husband is science/medically trained enough to read the data. 


One should also be familiar with the history of Pre Hitler Germany..... 


  ....I mean this very sincerely....  :( 


[ I've never really had time or inclination for social media, Facebook [except to see pics of kids/Grkids] , etc. ]


This does not denigrate those millions who have died.  More so....we need to prevent more deaths with solid science. 


MtRider  ....sorry for those that you have lost.  :(  We live in sorrowful times right now. 

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Corvid is real, but the facts remain hidden by the so-called people that want to depopulate the world. Bill Gates rings any bells. I have been in the medical field and know how to do the research. We have been lied to on all fronts.  I agree with Mt. Rider. Do the research. Find the true sources about all of this. And above all, follow the money. You will be surprised about this mess and what is truly going on.

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