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When Life Gives You Lemons…


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A couple of weeks ago, I wanted to make hash browns, eggs & bacon…

Pulled the package out, defrosted it, threw it in the cast iron, with extra oil & butter…potatoes absorb most of it, put the lid on it.  

Lifted the lid to turn them….  Lol, mozzarella cheese!  :0327:

Ok, I drained the grease, saved it for other uses, & used the fried cheese in other dishes.


So…. Today, I’m making spaghetti.. pull out the package, from the freezer, defrost it…..


:008Laughing:it was shredded potatoes….  

Looks like we will be having hash browns, in the next couple of days.


Well…  that will teach me to label my packages carefully!!!!  


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