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Did you know Facebook is now banning jokes?

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I recieved this email from the Babylon Bee. I am posting the entire letter, just in case you would like to support the Bee, but mostly because I think we need to stay informed of how we continue to be censored by the Social Media companies that want to suppress ANY kind of "speech" (information) that they don't agree with. 


Looks like we may have to resort to old technology such as message boards and emails if we want to stay FULLY informed!



Sent: Friday, January 14, 2022 at 3:13 PM
From: "The Babylon Bee" <editor@babylonbee.com>
To: pclayborn@mail.com
Subject: We're not punching down. We're punching back. 👊

Did you know Facebook is now banning jokes?

They started out banning people for spreading so-called "misinformation." As I'm sure you know, we got caught up in their fact-checking web many times. It was difficult to break free. But with your help, we made some noise and managed to maintain a presence on the platform. We even got Facebook to apologize and admit that there's a difference between fake news (which is intended to mislead) and satire (which isn't).

But they've decided it's not as simple as giving satire a blanket exception. There need to be rules. There need to be limits and restrictions on the kinds of jokes you're allowed to make.

We're not kidding.

In a recent announcement, Facebook said they're developing and rolling out "a new satire framework." This framework will be used to determined what counts as "true satire" and what doesn't. For example, true satire, as they put it, "does not 'punch down' . . . Indeed, humor can be an effective mode of communicating hateful ideas."

In other words, Facebook is coming after comedy they don't like. They want to ban jokes they consider hateful.
Mere days after the Big Tech giant made this announcement, a liberal media outlet published a piece accusing The Babylon Bee of having a "nasty tendency to punch down" because we push back on the madness of transgender ideology and make silly jokes about how women can't throw grenades as well as men (they really can't, though). This was no coincidence. The groundwork is being laid. It's only a matter of time before The Babylon Bee is penalized for violating Facebook's new policy against hateful comedy.
But let's get one thing straight. We are not "punching down." We're punching back. Conservatives have been on the ropes in the culture war for a long time. We're in a defensive posture, fighting back against the top-down tyranny of the Left's progressive agenda. And that agenda is driven by all the nation's most powerful people, corporations, and institutions. If that's not punching up, I don't know what is.
More importantly, Facebook's new prohibition of "punching down" is speech suppression — it's people in positions of power protecting their interests by telling you what you can and cannot say. Comedians who self-censor in deference to that power are themselves a joke. You certainly won't find us doing it.
We're going to keep making jokes on the internet. And we're going to keep punching back—not down—at the Left's progressive agenda and their endless efforts to silence us.

Will you team up with us in that effort by becoming a subscriber today? It'll be like that time when they assembled all the Avengers and finally defeated Thanos — except no one will die and you'll get a free book.

Seriously. When you become a premium subscriber, we’ll send you a free copy of our new, bestselling book The Babylon Bee Guide to Wokeness.

Sign Up and Save Satire
Thank you for your readership and support!

— Seth Dillon, CEO

Copyright © 2022 The Babylon Bee, LLC, All rights reserved.
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The Babylon Bee, LLC
PO Box 546
Jupiter, FL 33468

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If you hate laughing, you should probably unsubscribe from this list.


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I get the Babylon e-mails but missed this one. Seems all the mainstream social media sights have gone nuts. They can't seem to tell what is good and what is bad anymore. I cancelled out the twitter account because of the mess they were doing. This cancel culture has gone to far. So now it is jokes on Facebook. This is getting out of hand in my book. What will be next?

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All of the social media platforms are the same way now. The only one I've ever watched is Youtube. I haven't subscribed to anything. Not even Youtube but I do watch it a lot. They are being so heavily censored that they have to talk in code now. They give warnings and channel strikes there. Three strikes within 90 days and they take your channel down permanently. They will even strike you for something someone said in the chat. And now they are going back months ago and finding things they don't like and striking for that. They are also deleting peoples posts left and right. It isn't even real people doing most of it. They use Bots that pick up certain words or phrases. Bots don't understand humor or sarcasm or nuances in languages.  



While I'm on a rant...:rolleyes:

Freedom of speech? Remember this platform belongs to someone else that Darlene pays to be on. She has to follow their rules. And we follow her rules in her house. They are the host and they make the rules in their house. Just like all of the other platforms out there do. Everyone has a boss.



Moral of the story?





I'm not targeting anyone here! I'm as much reminding myself to choose my own words carefully. Not always easy for a chatterbox who seems to always have something to say.  I own it.  :sigh:

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Thanks for the reminder for all of us, Jeepers.   There are so many times I start a post only to reread it and decide it might be wise to edit before I hit submit.   :pc_coffee:

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I agree Mt. Rider, our freedoms are being taken away little by little.  Freedom of speech is all but gone.  I don't get on Facebook very often either. I shut down twitter and as for U-tube, I watch things on it but have never subscribed to it. I have thought about shutting down Facebook, but didn't do it because of MrsS. 

Have to just start thinking and double checking what we type before posting as not to raise a red flag. Don't want to see this site go down due to this mess we are all dealing with.

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