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Thought I would post this Bible study aid here for anyone who might be interested. (The advertisement was in my FB feed.)


The "sticker" looks like it would be pretty helpful, so I ordered one. Of course, once you place the order they want to "upsell" you, but I declined all of the other offers and my order went through just fine. NOTE: the site says "No Refunds"


This is not an active link, so you will have to copy & paste it into your browser.  https://teachsundayschool.com/i/biblestudybookplatefb/?fbclid


Bible Bookplate     bible.JPG.d6256bf634e26902b06a79828fac97f6.JPG



Close up view of the info in each box. And, yes, they are listed in the order in which they appear in the Bible.

Bible Bookplate

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