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Deadly virus in Rabbits

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DH is in a bible study with a vet. He asked him this week if the story about the new rabbit virus at the MSM sites is really true. The vet said yes. It appears the virus kills both wild and domestic rabbits. The rabbits die within two days of contracting the virus. It's currently down South and heading North. He said that the next problem will be the starving coyotes. He mentioned the food chain and the danger to the dogs and cats. Hungry coyotes need their food too.  :0327:

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3 hours ago, Homesteader said:

It's currently down South and heading North.

As in down in South America heading to North America or south of the Mason Dixon Line heading to the Yankee territories? 


I hadn't heard about this one. :sad-smiley-012:

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It seems, from my research that it is in 17 states already 


FDACS said the virus has been confirmed in 17 states. Along with Florida, these include Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Wyoming




As a wildlife rehabilitator for over 27 years I have seen viruses (and diseases, chemicals, and etc) come and go but as that vet said, they never effect only one species.  It always effects the food chain.

This virus isn’t a direct health threat to humans, unfortunately that isn’t the case with all issues.  Several states, Iowa is one, have found that huge percentages (80 plus %) of the deer populations carries the antibodies for the Covid type virus.  That knowledge might prove valuable for humans as they determine the human/animal connection. How did they get it?  One fact I found interesting is that deer do not appear to be dying in huge numbers from having it but have managed to build antibodies to it and survive! 

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On 2/4/2022 at 11:13 AM, Jeepers said:

As in down in South America heading to North America or south of the Mason Dixon Line heading to the Yankee territories? 

I forgot to tag this post to receive any questions. See Mother's response.


I did have another vet tell me when the Covid had just started that there was a Covid vaccine for dogs that's used regularly on them. It's not like the gene therapy that we're receiving. 

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We've heard that animals....even some zoo animals, have gotten  The C.  So we wondered if DH's C might affect HappyDog????  Nothing has slowed her down at all.  She shoots in the back door after running down the steep hill as full throttle.  She goes thru the bedroom... and into small living room.  I'm surprised she's agile enough to stop at all.  :twister3:  


We haven't seen rabbits this winter????  Usually they den under the old hot tub.  They liked it a lot better while it was actually warm.  :lol:   Haven't seen rabbit tracks.


MtRider  ...thanks for the heads up!

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