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Baby Lullaby..

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My brother, God bless his soul, asked me where a lullaby, we remember… come from.  After an extensive net search, I can not find anything like it.


Has anyone ever heard it and knows where it came from?


one night a star baby

way up in the sky

grew tired of shining 

and started to cry

dear momma, dear momma, 

I'm tired he said

please give me my breakfast 

and put me to bed

so off went the star momma

on the wings of true love

to the bright shining dipper

that shown from above

she took it and hurried

to the Milky Way stream

where she filled it 

with fresh milk & cream

she fed the star baby 

with a bright shining spoon

a rocked the star baby

in a stunning new moon




Some of my words may be off, but, thanks to my brother, it’s been stuck in my head all day.

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I found this link to a digitized version of The Children's Book of Poetryhttp://ceadserv1.nku.edu/longa/family/clines/The_Children_s_Book_of_Poetry.pdf

It is over 500 pages long and contains HUNDREDS of old poems and lullabies. Maybe you can find what you are looking for here. Unfortunately, since it is digitized you cannot do a keyword search so you will have to scroll through the files looking for what you want. Happy treasure hunting!





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Thank you!!!  

Scanned through it, but didn’t see anything close :sigh:  Maybe tomorrow I can check closer.  Sent a link to my brother…. 

We had a bunch of antique history, poetry and encyclopedia books, growing up.  IDK.  I do know, I always got “A”s on my book reports and history reports… back in the ‘60’s. :008Laughing:

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Where was your grandmother's side from going back?  That may help narrow it down.  ex: Mine came over from Ireland so a lot of things she said tend to have celtic roots.  

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